Koch dedicates his time to pursuing his passion for basketball

By Michaela Thimot and Dana Hathaway

People Editor and Editorial Editor 

At 6’4”, junior Nolan Koch dominates his opponents on the basketball court. As he begins his junior year on Los Gatos High School’s varsity team, he works tirelessly to balance the commitment the team requires with a challenging course load.

Koch began his basketball career at age seven at the local Calvary Church. The baller quickly began playing with his friends at Fisher Middle School, which prepared him to bypass the freshman team during his first year at LGHS. During the summer before eighth grade, Koch realized he was finally able to dunk, which made him even more confident joining upperclassmen as a freshman. Koch explained, “Playing with the older guys was fun, and I got a lot of experience during that season.” The power forward quickly progressed to starting on the Varsity squad his sophomore year, after being pulled up to the team for the Central Coast Section (CCS) playoffs that year. In addition, he secured the title of All-League last year. Koch has almost always played as a power forward, which is his favorite position. 

Koch recalled that one of his most memorable moments in basketball was beating the Valley Christian Varsity team, especially since he knows many of their players. Koch dedicates any spare time he has to improving his basketball skills. Even during the off-season, Koch makes sure to practice every day, whether he shoots on his own or plays pickup games with friends. 

Outside of school basketball season, Koch makes the trip to Concord to play on a travel team called Arsenal. He typically travels down to Las Vegas and Los Angeles with his team. The team communities and bonds between teammates are a key reason why Koch values both his school team and travel team so highly. 

When he can spare a quick break from training, Koch spends his time at Courtside, weightlifting, hanging out, and practicing basketball with his closest friends. A few of his best friends and teammates transferred to private schools years earlier, so he takes any opportunity he can to spend time with them. 

Managing rigorous coursework of two APs and one Honors class, Koch shared that his favorite class is AP Physics, and he plans to major in either physics or chemistry. He also hopes to get recruited to college through basketball. A few coaches have already expressed interest in recruiting Koch, and he hopes to find his dream school. Between his athletic prowess and academic success, Koch is sure to reach further success in the future, but, for now, LGHS — especially the basketball team — appreciates the time he spends here.

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