Adams finds motivation through family and dance

By Georgia Kaufman

Opinion Editor

If senior Avery Adams could describe herself in three words, they would be nurturing, determined, and ambitious.

Adams lives a simple, family-oriented life with both her parents and two sisters: sophomore Emme Adams and LGHS alum Sophie Adams. After spending some time growing up in New Delhi, India, Adams gained an appreciation for traveling all around the globe to discover different cultures. Adams hopes to travel in her future and visit most of Europe. She noted, “our family has a vineyard in New Zealand. It’s very rural and really pretty…there isn’t a lot going on there, but my grandparents live there for half of the year.” Returning to the discussion topic of her grandparents, Adams added, “they live in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, so right on the coast…I basically grew up there and visit every summer…it’s really nice because it’s more of a community since my Dad gets to see all of his high school friends since most of them still live there.”

Staying on the topic of travel, Adams spoke of her lake house on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. “It’s my favorite place in the whole world to go. My grandpa actually built it when he was younger and now my Dad and his sister share it; one day I’ll share it with all my cousins. It’s like my little safe space.”

Adams reminisced on her memories associated with middle-child status: “I had a very different middle child experience. Most people, when they hear I’m a middle kid, are like, ‘I’m so sorry,’ but for me, it was the best thing ever.” She praises her parents for showing so much love to the stereotypically known “forgotten child.”

In her free time, Adams values her alone time. “I spend a lot of time alone because I enjoy it…I really enjoy reading. I like walking my dog alone. I like going to cafes by myself. I don’t get much alone time because the extra time I do have I want to spend it with people I love, but I really do love spending time alone.”

When not reflecting on her intellectualism during her alone time, one can catch Adams tearing up the dance floor at the West Valley Dance Company. Starting as a hobby which she began at the ripe age of three, Adams has become the greatest party-trickster of all time, able to pull out ‘the worm’ on command at any point in the day. Talking about dance and the mental toughness that must accompany her at all times, Adams admitted, “dance is challenging. It definitely pushes me more than anything else in my life…I’ve learned a lot from it. It’s taught me the most about discipline and always doing my best. An extra plus is performing…I love performing.”

From her starring role in the fifth grade Daves Avenue and Blossom Hill Elementary school play to her ongoing friendships that she cultivated in middle school, Adams is a bright light that shines in any room she walks into — she makes the sun look dim!

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