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Letizia Pastore Publishes Research

By Kate Gruetter

National/World Editor

Los Gatos High School senior Letizia Pastore can officially boast published research. A student focused on food inequity and the prevention of chronic diseases, Pastore discovered data during the 2020-2021 school year that was recently published by the highly respected Journal of Emerging Investigators. Although the publishing process took a year of editing and revisions, Pastore assured that “it was definitely worth it.” Her research centered around how compounds commonly found in vegetables could positively change the progression of diseases such as Type II diabetes, and how diets could be a way to prevent these diseases. The young scientist stated that food “has always been a central part of my [Italian] culture, so ever since I was very little, I learned that no matter how hard the situation, food can bring a sense of relief and well-being at that moment.”

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