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Leafy Opens New Store in Los Gatos

By Kate Gruetter

National/World Editor

When you find yourself looking for something to spruce up your home, or a piece to make your space blossom, look no further than something green and lush from the local Los Gatos business Leafy. Leafy began in 2018 with its first store in Palo Alto, and it recently opened its Los Gatos location on North Santa Cruz Avenue. The business boasts five different locations, all dedicated to indoor plants and helping customers care for their flora. 

One of the best things about the shop is its dedication to customer service. Leafy’s website assures, “Our mission is to make your plant-buying experience easy and fun, whether you’re a first-time plant owner or a seasoned plant parent adding more green to your urban jungle.” If you are worried about your lack of plant knowledge, employee Elena Rexach promised, “At the LG location, we have three main employees and all of us are pretty well versed in plant knowledge…so if someone needs some guidance in choosing or caring for any plants, we’re always happy to help out.” The store also hosts plant consultations and workshops to help you take care of your flowery friends. 

Rexach guaranteed that, “Leafy carries a pretty wide variety of plants — and a good portion are quite beginner friendly.” From the massive Money Tree to the more delicate Angel Vine, Leafy has something for everyone. The store’s pricing is equally flexible, with prices starting at five dollars, and starting at even less for necessary plant accessories like pots or other containers. All of Leafy’s plants are indoor houseplants, so there is no need to worry about leaving your greenery outside to suffer in the elements. 

The best part of the shop is undeniably its ambience. Walls painted with bright colors, lined with an abundance of green plants and succulents, instantly draw you in upon walking through the door. Even the ceilings refuse to be bare, boasting hanging plants that create an almost jungle-like atmosphere. Cute signs urging you to “support plant parenthood” greet you at the door, coupled with cute succulents and other small shrubs.  

If you are not up for a trip to the botanical boutique, you can also visit Leafy’s website, theleafyplant.com. The site can tell you more about the business and its products, as well as getting plants you might not find in stock in store. 

Overall, Leafy’s attention to customer service, varietal vegetation, and enjoyable climate make it a local business worth appreciating, and, if you get the chance, visiting. 

(Source: Leafy)  

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