Moore shines as the only freshman on LGHS Girls Varsity WAPO Team

By: Saya Alvares

Sports Editor

Freshman Eloise Moore brings her smile with her wherever she goes, especially the Los Gatos High School pool. As the youngest member and only freshman on the Girls’ Varsity Water Polo team, Moore (nicknamed Weezy) experienced a stellar breakout season. Moore improved an incredible increase in her skill level this fall season, advancing from playing club water polo in the 14 and under age category to playing with girls as old as 18. Even while competing against more skilled opponents, Moore has held nothing back and continues to jump wholeheartedly into everything that she is taught. 

When detailing her experience on the LGHS water polo team, Moore explained how it all started, saying, “I didn’t even ask for it.…[Coach Don Appleton] just told me to jump into the Varsity pool, and I’ve stayed there ever since. I’m so grateful Don gave me this opportunity and I’m pushed harder every day to become a better water polo player.” Moore explained that she was super nervous to be playing with older girls, especially because all of her friends are currently on the junior varsity team. Furthermore, Moore puts immense pressure on herself as the youngest player on the team, holding herself to a higher standard than most. She explained her mindset, “I think that because I’m young I feel that I’m supposed to be better. And then, I just have to keep telling myself that it’s okay. I’m the youngest here, it’s okay, I don’t have to be the best. That’s hard for me to get my mind around sometimes.”

As this is her first year at LGHS, Moore expressed her gratitude for the plethora of role models she works with, specifically second year starter Julia Ernsting, a sophomore on the team. Ernsting was in a similar situation to Moore during the 2021 season, because she was the only varsity freshman. Moore said, “She’s been playing for so long; she’s always been so kind to me. I feel like she understands [the position] I’m in, and she’s always helping me at practice. I love Julia.” 

While Moore excels in the pool, she also thrives in the classroom. With an impressively consistent unweighted 4.0 GPA, Moore described her appreciation for the Learn, Explore, Design and Act (LEAD) classes offered at LGHS, as well as her electives: Drama and Spanish 2. Similarly, Moore looks forward to her college education, though she has not decided whether she will continue her athletic career. She explained her thinking: “All I know right now is that I want to continue getting better. But I’m still going to play with the mindset that I want to play in college, because I want to keep that option open in the future.” 

With the LGHS water polo season finishing impressively with a high Central Coast Section (CCS) ranking, Moore is nowhere near slowing down, as she plans on transferring seamlessly into the club season at West Valley Water Polo Club (WVWPC) with Coach Don Appleton. Through all of these difficult athletics and academics commitments, Moore never complains and is going through her freshman year happily, surrounded by friends. If you find this busy bee in the halls, stop to wish her luck on her upcoming grueling swim season or club tournaments, and feel free to prompt her into a rant on how she detests wearing the wapo robe to school on game days. 

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