Elliot showcases her athleticism as LGFH Captain

By: Brynn Gibson and Michaela Thimot

Editor-in-Chief and People Editor 

Wander down to the field hockey field any afternoon and you will see none other than senior Sam Elliott scoring her fifth goal of the day. While Elliott attended her first field hockey practice as a preschooler, she truly began her hockey career in eighth grade. As Junior Varsity captain freshman year, the head coaches noticed her talent and work ethic, pulling her up to the Varsity squad for Central Coast Section (CCS). A key player on the team both her sophomore and junior years, this year Elliot was chosen as Varsity co-captain alongside fellow senior Jiwoo Hong.

With two-and-a-half hour practices every day after school, Elliott dedicates immense time and energy to the team. However, she admits that it’s all worth it, stating, “My favorite part about field hockey is just being with the team,” Elliott noted, “ I’ve met some of my closest friends there.”

As an attacking midfielder, Elliott is one of the leading scorers in the LGHS program. Last year, she scored the winning penalty in the CCS final against St. Francis, a memory she recalls as one of her proudest athletic accomplishments. 

Elliott’s athletic prowess is not limited to field hockey; being a tri-sport athlete, she also plays lacrosse and soccer. While she is still undecided in regards to playing school soccer this year, she looks forward to lacrosse season in the spring. 

An absolute athletic weapon, Elliott is also a star student. Aiming to study business in college, Elliott boasts a rigorous schedule, including AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, Philosophy, Spanish 4 Honors, and AP Gov/Honors Econ.

Although Elliott was born in Los Gatos, her family decided to move to New Zealand when she was four and they spent six months living there. Ever since, they have been traveling back and forth whenever they get a chance. Her parents initially discovered their love for the country while on their honeymoon, “and the second that they left they started looking for houses because they knew they needed to spend more time there, and now [her family has] a house on the South Island.” Elliott has the most fun visiting her second home when she and her family go on hikes around their house and explore the breathtaking landscape and trails around them. Elliott has always maintained a close bond with both of her older brothers as well as her parents, so she cherishes the time spent outdoors with her family. 

Along with New Zealand, Elliott’s family also enjoys traveling to their cabin in Northern California where they own both chickens and cows. Elliott’s property up in Northern California is only two miles from her grandparent’s property, so these trips allow her to spend more time with them. 

Elliott’s parents raised both her and her brothers to love helping people and recognize the importance of it. Since her first one in third grade, she has been on six housebuilding trips to Mexico, a few of which she went on with her brothers. From a very young age, her parents have taught her how crucial it is to be involved in service, and Elliott has carried those values with her all throughout high school.

Excelling in all her endeavors, Elliot should serve as a role model for the LGHS student body. 

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