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Dance Team Performs at Football

Sarah Gouldrup

Humor Editor

On Oct. 21, the Los Gatos High School dance team returned to Helm Field for a fun-filled night of senior celebrations and impressive football plays. The night started off with a ceremony for the seniors on the dance team, with the girls walking down the field following the football team, band, and cheer. The festivities didn’t end there though; the rest of the team surprised the six seniors by decorating the studio with balloons and streamers, as well as hand-written letters. Senior Avery Adams shared her excitement over the night, stating, “It was really cool to walk into the room and see all of the decorations. I wasn’t expecting the team to do as much as they did, so it was a really nice surprise.”

In preparation, seniors Julia Metz and Sarah Gouldrup choreographed a high-energy dance to Timber by Pitbull, which they taught to the girls over the course of three weeks. The routine featured a variety of challenging formation changes, fast choreography, and impressive skills. However, this performance proved to be different from the rest, as it also featured a senior section that highlighted the six girls. While the rest of the team created a U-shaped formation, the seniors performed a special segment in the middle composed of front kicks and flashy dance moves. 

Moving forward, the dance team also prepared for the Central Coast Section game against Archbishop Mitty High School, where they performed on the sidelines and at halftime. While they repeated one of their earlier routines, they showcased a variety of new cheers throughout the game. Those cheers include an offense cheer, a defense cheer, and a general cheer that kept the crowd entertained while the game played out. Senior Jackie Enns expressed her love for the team’s sideline performances: “I love watching dance team from the bleachers because they’re always doing some sort of cheer or dance. I also like cheering for my friends who are performing down there.”

With no more football games on the horizon, the dance team is looking forward to basketball season. The first boys’ basketball game was Nov. 17 and while the dance team didn’t perform, they are getting ready for the upcoming games. Basketball season offers a new chance for the dance team to show off their versatility as a team, with an opportunity to do more intricate choreography in front of a crowd that is closer up than the football bleachers. 

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