D’Amelio Sisters Receive Criticism Over Youtube Video

by Alia Arafeh

Editorial Editor

Reigning TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio nearly lost her throne after releasing a YouTube video of her and her sister Dixie being disrespectful during dinner. YouTuber Trisha Paytas and makeup artist and friend of the D’Amelios James Charles were also quick to involve themselves in the drama. 

Fans became angry at the two sisters after the first episode of “Dinner with the D’Amelios” aired on YouTube. In the video, the family eats dinner with a secret celebrity guest, in this case James Charles. The dinner was cooked by the family’s good friend and personal chef, Aaron May. The controversy started due to two scenes in the video; in one, Dixie dramatically spits out a snail and proceeds to throw up, all of which happens in front of Chef May. Following this, Charli requests dino nuggets rather than the meal cooked for her. Nearing the end of the video, Charli discusses her follower count, which at the time was over 95 million. Then she mentions that she hopes to hit 100 million followers by the end of the year.

Supporters and haters alike banded together to criticize the girls, calling them immature, ungrateful, and unbecoming of their fame. While some meant no harm and saw their actions as a teaching moment, others went as far as sending death threats and hateful comments. Charli herself lost over a million followers in one day.

Paytas involved herself in the conflict after posting a reaction video to the D’Amelios’ original post, stating that the girls are just kids, are acting immature, and should learn from this experience. Later, she began criticizing Charles and his relationship with the girls.

The D’Amelio sisters did not take this criticism lightly and have yet to apologize for their actions. Dixie posted a video in an attempt to clear the air over her relationship with Chef May and the events of the dinner. Charli, however, broke down crying on a live video, saying that people were overreacting, and that Paytas has been rude to her before.

Charles responded to Paytas’s video, citing her previous rude behavior, her usage of the n-word, and her other past actions. Dixie created a video actually dancing to a rap sung by Paytas in which Paytas clearly uses the n-word.

The girls have yet to apologize for their actions, but fans and supporters are beginning to return to their side of the conflict. Many believe that people are overreacting by trying to cancel the girls, and that their actions were normal for teenagers. Charli stated on twitter that she “will be back posting normal content with a smile on [her] face.” The D’Amelios quickly moved on from the drama, and Charli did hit 100 million followers on Nov. 22.

(Sources:YouTube, TikTok)

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