Allen Showcases Media and Artistic Skills with his film Hand of Fate

By: Kate Gruetter and Nadia Liu

National/World Editor and Public Relations Manager

When asked how he would describe himself to someone who had never met him, LGHS Freshman Ishaan Allen declared himself hardworking and artistic. Although simple, Allen’s explanation perfectly encapsulates his character and achievements perfectly. A diligent student, dedicated filmmaker, talented artist, and high school freshman, Allen is years ahead of his peers, though his success has taken sacrifice and commitment. 

Allen began writing his film, Hand of Fate, when he was in sixth grade during quarantine. The movie was no small task, Allen explained that “It took about 18 months to complete. We worked on it over COVID and it’s the first thing I’ve ever tried to write and direct myself.” Allen described being most proud of the cinematography in his film because “that’s something [he has]always been pretty good with.” The hardest part about filming for Allen was scheduling time to film, because everyone involved was so busy. 

Allen’s artistic endeavors are not limited to the screen; they also extend to the sketchbook. Allen began drawing in Kindergarten at Drawn2Art, but later made the switch to a more personal instructor. “I’ve learned a lot more [this] way,” Allen reflected, continuing that, “[My instructor] started me with nothing, which I think was really helpful because now I’ve had the basics taught twice.” While explaining that he’s always been more drawn to pencil work than other sketch techniques, Allen admitted his hatred for drawing with charcoal. “I hate it because it’s so messy,” he stated, though his teacher is encouraging him to diversify his methods recently. 

Allen’s family influences his artistic pursuits by acting in his films and supporting his art. “I feel really close to my family, and they definitely push me a lot,” explained Allen. Confessing that filming with family could be stressful due to everyone’s busy schedules, Allen affirmed, “They’re so nice to help out with the whole thing, I really appreciate it.”

As a freshman in Trig/Pre-Calc Honors, Allen is ahead of the curve. On his love of math, Allen revealed, “I love how math works out in the end. The way it all comes together is so satisfying.” However, as school progresses, Allen worries that he’ll lose the time to do all the activities he loves: “I’m definitely worried, and I already don’t have any free time. But I’m going to try and see if I can do any film internships over the summer.” 

With his artistic talent and good work ethic, Allen surely has a bright future ahead of him. He looks forward to submitting his upcoming film to film festivals, some local and some out of state. Allen also seeks opportunities and experience, commenting, “I hope I can do an internship or shadowing on a film set, because I feel like I’d get a lot out of it.” Going forward, Allen plans on making more music videos and covers, which can be found on his Youtube channel. Make sure you keep an eye out for Allen; whether it’s on the big screen, the stage, or the classroom, he’s sure to do great things.

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