LGHS Showcases Unique Halloween Costumes

by Sidney Bricker

Media Production Editor

Sophomore Mika Schreiman used makeup to transform herself into a pop art portrait for Halloween. She took inspiration from Andy Warhol, an artist who is famous for his pop art style. Schreiman’s perfect pandemic Halloween consisted of a virtual Halloween-themed game night with friends, and a scary movie.


Sophomore Erica Weinstein dressed up as Emily from The Corpse Bride, a Halloween movie that she adores. Her beautiful costume included both DIYed and thrifted elements. Weinstein’s favorite Halloween activity is getting to dress up and eat lots of candy.

Sophomore James Guilhamet dressed up as an FBI agent for Halloween this year. He got most of the elements of his costume during a trip to Washington DC a few years ago. On a normal Halloween, Guilhamet would be at his grandparents’ house with many friends.

Junior Ariana Duckett dressed up as a 1950’s girl. Duckett opted to reuse her outfit that was intended for last March’s cancelled Sadie’s dance. Duckett and her sister masked up to trick or treat. Duckett’s favorite part of Halloween is getting to wear a costume.

Sophomore Joey Maggio’s costume, which he found in his brother’s closet, was a pirate. He spent the night handing out candy to trick or treaters. Maggio’s favorite part of Halloween is spending time with his friends and family. 

Sophomore Rosie Lu dressed up as a ghost for Halloween. Her last-minute costume employed a bed sheet which she accessorized with sunglasses. Lu’s favorite Halloween pastime is carving festive pumpkins. This Halloween, she made time to hang out at home with her family.

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