Kaufman Critiques Emily in Paris

by Georgia Kaufman

Humor Editor

Do you enjoy Hallmark™ Christmas movies a little too much? Do you cry at the sight of the Super Bowl Budweiser commercials? If you answered “Yuh” to either of those, I am a tad worried for your tastebuds. Not as worried as I would be, though, if you actually enjoyed the new Netflix TV series, Emily in Paris.

Emily in Paris shines a light on actress Lily Collins, who stars as the title character in the show. With Lucas Bravo and Ashley Park playing other leading roles, you would think that, maybe this show wouldn’t be so bad? Like, maybe it will be some sort of beloved sister to the hit that is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, or even a new, probably problematic version of Sex in the City? Nah. Not at all, actually.

The show is set in — you guessed it — Paris. What a nice surprise! Except it was not a nice surprise. In fact, it was rather a terrifying cosplay of what people in Hollywood believe France is like. Smoking, wine, and cheese. I honestly believe that is the only standard directors are looking for nowadays; just like my standards for men, the bar is so low it’s LITERALLY on the floor. 

To be completely honest, Ratatouille had a more realistic depiction of France than Emily in Paris. I mean, seriously. This woman comes to France for a job at a fashion institution, and she cannot speak any French. She looks like a total trainwreck and the other characters completely roast her the whole time because she’s, as the French would say, un peu stupide. 

The show has such an unrealistic and millennial-esc storyline, that I’d be more likely to believe in rats cooking my food. 

At this point, you may be thinking “Okay, that’s bad. It definitely can’t get any worse.” Well you’re WRONG. Need I remind you — the girl can’t even speak French. The only French words I heard come out of her mouth were “bonjour” and “oui,” and that one time she captioned her Instagram picture “c’est la vie.”

Honestly, I could not even finish Emily in Paris. It was that bad. I made it to episode three, but even then I felt like the writers were getting way too comfortable. I’m talking cyber sex in the second episode. I mean, really? Get a room guys, I’m not here for an update on your long-distance relationship status.

Oh, and, get a load of this: THEY’RE MAKING A SEASON TWO. I don’t think people understand how disappointed I was at the news of “millennial in cheeseland” round two.

Who knows, though? Remy the rat might make an appearance next season, and I think that would be pretty dope. Who are we kidding, the show is complete trash. Bon appetit.

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