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LGHS Activities site keeps students virtually connected

By Madeline King


While social distancing prohibits students from physically seeing their friends and peers, the LGHS Activities website continues to update during the shelter-in-place mandates to keep LGHS students virtually connected. 

Currently, the site features links to purchase LGHS apparel, sign up for the 2020 Senior Talent Show, and view the Instagram account @futureboardlghs, where this year’s seniors can share their college and future plans.

Leadership students originally created the site during the 2016-17 school year to “make a more visually pleasing website that was easier to navigate than lghs.net that we could edit more freely with activities and such,” said ASB President Katie McEnroe. “The leadership students who made [@futureboardlghs] decided to connect that and make LGHS Activities a hotspot to connect with other students through the futureboard extension and any remote activities that we may be holding.”

“[The site] is still a work in progress,” stated leadership class advisor Christine Chiodo. “We hope to share upcoming information, virtual events, and just be a hub of positivity for the school.”

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