OPINION: LGHS Should Implement Pass/Fail Grading Scale During the Pandemic

by Delaney Brown

Center Editor

Considering the school’s current status of online learning, it is imperative for student  success that LGHS switches its grading scale to pass or fail. Thousands of schools across the country have abandoned traditional grading scales to accommodate the anxiety and fear taking the common populous by storm. Because this period of transition subjects both teachers and pupils to unprecedented learning challenges, relieving the pressure of letter grades would better allow all those in the education system to flourish. 

During this period of evolution and growth, nearly every industry faces extreme obstacles that hinder overall prosperity. The unemployment rate is at a record high, leading to the inevitable financial crash that lies on the horizon. Parents are losing jobs, which hinders their ability to provide for their families. The stark change in home life from a couple of weeks ago to now completely obstructs a normal school experience. In reality, it is recklessly optimistic to think students are able to uphold academic standards established before the coronavirus outbreak.

 With the College Board cancelling SAT and ACT tests in the upcoming months, as well as modifying AP exams, many students face confusion and disorientation when it comes to how colleges will interpret this hiatus in normality. Adopting a pass/fail grading system could have the potential to ease this apprehension. It would take the pressure off of grade point average and help kids focus on getting through this time and learning at their own pace. This kind of learning would promote more of a sense of empathy and kindness as students won’t be held to the rigorous standards of modern academics. 

For those students with harmful home environments, successfully learning new material can be almost impossible. Whether it be the possibility of financial instability or a lack of a conducive learning environment, students subjected to adversity in the household face different obstacles when it comes to remote academics. Remote learning in accordance with an A-F grading scale is mostly successful only in a privileged environment. Students with multiple electronics, desks, and parents who are present to help with classwork are definitely at an advantage. Changing the grading to pass/fail would help support all students in their pursuit for knowledge.

LGHS should seriously consider embracing this new prospect for grading to help maintain the mental health of the students and promote a conducive game plan. By following through with this sort of learning regimen, students and teachers alike would face new possibilities of success.


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