El Gato Recommends… (March Edition)


by Alia Arafeh 

Culture Editor


If you’re looking for a new show to binge, I recommend the newly released Netflix show Gentefied. It provides an insightful look into the life of a Mexican-American family that struggles to keep their family business, Mama Fina’s, open. The show deals with issues in impoverished communities today and shows the negative effects of gentrification on the community. While presenting their struggles, the show also highlights the success of the Morales family, such as how they are able to modernize their restaurant menu. Featuring funny, likeable characters and centered around the lives of both people of color and queer people, the show is a must-binge, masterfully produced series. 

Laundry Day

by Jamie Blough



For a band that claims to get their inspiration from artists like BROCKHAMPTON and Tyler, the Creator, LAUNDRY DAY produces a surprising amount of alternative-esque music. LAUNDRY DAY songs combine melodic choruses and experimental production to create completely unique, yet catchy and dynamic tracks. Their prolific releases are influenced by teenage spontaneity, but still maintain a theme of personal growth and maturation, making for both exciting and profoundly emotional albums. My favorite songs include Harvard, an upbeat personal depiction of breakup aftermaths; and Jane, a slower, more hard-hitting portrayal of an intoxicating new relationship.

Neko Atsume

by Amelia Enns

Humor Editor


Calling all cat lovers, bored or lazy gamers, and people looking for pure joy – I’ve found the perfect app for you. El Gato recommends Neko Atsume, the most pointless yet enjoyable app available on the market. The task of the player is buying items to place in their yard to attract as many cats as possible. These cats are far from ordinary; from the appearances of Billy the Kitten, Guy Furry, and Sassy Fran, this game reminds us of the superiority of cats to all other animals. You feed the cats and entertain them, prompting them to give you adorable little mementos and take lots of snapshots. For all my depressed fellows, this game consistently brings joy to those in need.


by Morgan Tinsley



Boston indie band Vundabar recently released singles Burned Out and Petty Crime in anticipation of their upcoming album Either Light. Burned Off’s fast pace and energy balances Petty Crime’s smoother, softer sound perfectly, making both songs worth the listen. Both are notably different from the group’s previous albums’ production and atmosphere, sounding softer than songs of theirs like Alien Blues, but louder and with better production than songs like Holy Toledo. Vundabar always manages to produce a – for lack of a better word – trippy sound that can take you out of the present and make you focus solely on their intricate music, blurred vocals, and simple yet enjoyable lyrics. Make sure to check out Vundabar and their new album Either Light if you enjoy experimental rock music.

Bad Suns

by Wilma Wei

Humor Editor


As the weather begins to warm up with the arrival of spring, my playlists on Spotify are beginning to switch towards new beats and rhythms that feel like summer. Perfect for the beach and hiking trips that come with warming weather, indie-rock band Bad Suns is a solid addition to any spring playlist. With their spunky lyrics and guitar-heavy instrumentals, Bad Suns makes all their songs feel like sunshine and freedom in music form. For a band with refreshing indie-rock music, Bad Suns’ new album, Mystic Truth, focuses on spreading a message of positivity and optimism to their audience!


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