Winter fashion premiers in the new year

by Madeline Pollock

Opinion Editor


It is officially the new year and time for a new season of style. Although this winter may be cold, some quick fixes can turn cozy into sophisticated.

Red and navy blue are this winter’s “it” colors. Swap out white shoe laces for red or navy, tie your hair back with a navy ribbon, or incorporate a red lip to add an effortless pop. Embrace these colors with a red camisole, navy blue coat, or red shoes. However, if you are loving the hues, take the leap and rock a bold monochromatic outfit; you will stand out with style.

Although the weather outside is frightful, you can still look stylish while dressing for warmth. Adorn an knit sweater with jeans and boots or sneakers. Pair an oversized turtleneck sweater with black denim and leather boots or sneakers in order to feel comfortable while looking trendy.

Do not let the temperature get in the way of wearing your wardrobe staples by working a coat or puffer jacket into the ensemble. Style a peacoat with a turtleneck, a t-shirt with a blazer, or a button-down with a puffer jacket. Why stop at coats and puffer jackets for warmth? Try a fur ensemble for an extra bold statement. This season is all about the patterned, colored, bedazzled, and vintage-inspired faux fur. Adorn a sweater and denim jeans with a leopard-printed vest or a white t-shirt with light washed jeans and a colored fur coat.

Designers made velvet a staple at New York Fashion week, meaning it must be a staple in your closet this season. For quick fixes, don a pair of velvet loafers, velvet ballet flats, velvet chokers, velvet hair accessories, or even a velvet belt. A dash of velvet will instantly bump an outfit’s level of sophistication. Incorporate velvet with mini skirts, velvet trimmed denim jeans, velvet trimmed jackets, and loose velvet shirts.

With a voguish ensemble, do not leave your feet out of the picture. Continue the style down with party boots and low booties. Party boots are statement-making shoes decorated with patterns, glitter, stickers, gems, prints, and embroidery. These fun and fabulous boots can be paired simply with jeans and a white t-shirt or dressed up with skirt and printed t-shirt. If you want a calmer accessory for your feet, add a pair of low booties. Although chic and classic, with these shoes there is no need to worry about comfort. Slip on a pair of these with anything from jeans to a dress.

Round out your outfit with accessories! This season, designers have emphasized the effortlessness and versatility of hair accessories. A simple ribbon bow, layer of bobby pins, or statement-making barrett will add a classic touch. Incorporate the gems of the sea, pearls, into your outfit. These beauties are not solely intended for your ears; try them on your wrist mixed with gold bangles, studded around your sunnies, or pinned back in your hair.  

Although it is time to bundle up, there is no need to hide your style this winter, quick fixes can instantly transform your outfit. It is time for you to give faux fur or a hue of red a try. Happy styling!

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