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LGHS Girls Varsity Golf

By: Isabella Langner

Public Relations Manager

This fall, LGHS Girls Varsity Golf returned with all but one starter from their 2022 team, which won the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League El Camino Division championship. This win moved the Wildcats to the upper De Anza Division, meaning they play against tougher competitors this year.

The team played a total of 12 matches this season, ending with a record of 2-1-8 in their division. Beginning in August and running through October, Varsity Golf played against many challenging opponents, including Palo Alto, Lynbrook, Gunn, Los Altos, Saratoga, and Monta Vista, at a variety of courses. Junior Emilia Oredain said, “As much as I hate the course, I play really well at Bayview.” Matches occurred at other courses like Baylands, Saratoga Country Club, Sunnyvale Municipal Golf Course, and Los Lagos Golf Course.

Varsity Golf plays about two to three times a week, with each set of nine holes taking about two hours. Of the top six players, only five scores add up towards a cumulative score that counts against the competitor. Teammates pair up and play against another set of two. Whether they win or lose, the LGHS Golf team works hard and pushes themselves to their limits.

Senior Kylie Chang described Varsity Golf as “a big time commitment as we have practice right after school and won’t get home until around 8.” The team practices at Coyote Creek which is a forty minute drive from Los Gatos. The team has two different types of practices, allowing them to refine and focus on all their skills. Varsity Golf either has practice matches where they mix partners and play the course, or a range practice for perfecting driving, chipping, and putting. When asked what her favorite skill is, Emilia Orendain claimed, “I like driving more because I think it’s exhilarating, but chipping is my strongest skill.” 

Team members say their favorite part of the LGHS Golf team is the chemistry. Chang mentioned “I’m really close to a lot of my teammates. We’ve been able to form great friendships and work together as a team.” Another contributor to the team atmosphere is Varsity Golf’s coach, Dave Denight. Chang adds, “He’s great at being able to combine the different skill levels of the team and create a supportive environment.” This encouraging atmosphere allows Varsity Golf to grow and progress.

Varsity Girls Golf ended the season with a match against Saratoga on Oct. 16. Wish your Wildcats good luck next year for their 2024/2025 season. 

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