Opinion: Oprah shouldn’t be president

by Shannon Enriquez

Humor Editor



Following her speech at the Golden Globes this past Sunday, the idea of Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 presidential campaign captured the internet’s attention.

From Twitter to Instagram, people everywhere are talking about Winfrey’s powerful message following her acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Actress Meryl Streep even went out of her way to tell the Washington Post, “Call me Oprah. I’ve got some Iowa county chairs who would love to hear from you.” Winfrey’s compelling speech mentioned the women standing up for themselves during times of abuse in the entertainment industry.

Though empowering, the speech should not be a reason for Winfrey’s hypothetical presidential campaign. Despite Winfrey’s impressive background as a respected journalist, author, and in various other roles, she is not in the position to be the President of the United States. In light of past events, we, as a nation, should not put yet another business person in the White House. We need someone who has experience dealing with foreign affairs, and making policies to be in charge of our country; someone with a background in politics. Senators and mayors, people who have dedicated their lives to dealing with policies and laws of the US, are now overlooked for celebrities with a large audience.

Though Winfrey has the right morals and ideals, her background in politics is limited, making her unequipped for the role as president. When considering someone for the role as president, public speaking should not be one of the most desired characteristics in a candidate. Though it makes listening to speeches more entertaining, we should be focusing on the topics discussed and ideas mentioned.

Winfrey’s platform and her ability to be heard by millions do not give her the authority as President of the United States. She should continue to inspire people everywhere and inform the public on events relevant to bettering today’s society, leaving the role of presidency for someone with a background in politics.

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