Justin Bieber has found his purpose

by Sanna Hakkarainen

News Editor

Today, Justin Bieber is one of the most well known singers in the world, and was named 2015’s most searched celebrity on the internet. There is an incredibly small possibility of finding someone who does not know who Justin Bieber is, or what he has been through. Success, fame, and money almost killed him, but with constant support from the people around him he has been able to turn into the new person he is today.

Justin began his rise to fame when he released his first album,
My World, in 2009. The album was a success, reaching the hearts of millions in the US and beyond. The song, “One Time,” also hit number one on iTunes. Then, a few months later, Bieber released another album, My World 2.0, which was every bit as fantastic as the first. The album had iconic songs including “Baby” and “Eenie Meanie.” Bieber went on tour and sold out Madison Square Garden, one of the country’s largest venues, in twenty-two minutes. With his amazing voice, extraordinary songs, and incredible hair, Bieber managed to steal the hearts of teenage girls across the planet.

However, Bieber’s music began to change drastically. He took the risk and cut his hair, which caused the loss of some of his fans. Bieber also changed his music style, and fans grew uncertain when he released the song “Boyfriend.” This song was different from his innocent love songs on his previous album. Bieber rapped in this song, and used the word “swag” a total of three times. His next album, Believe, was another departure. Bieber’s voice dropped, and so did his harmless lyrics, which caused some fans to lose faith in him.Justin-Bieber-Purpose-300x300

In 2014, Justin Bieber’s reputation continued to go down hill, but not because of his music. As a teenager, Bieber did what most people his age do at some point – make mistakes. Bieber faced many problems during this period of his life, including an arrest because he was drag racing in Miami with an expired license. He also tried to resist when the police came to arrest him. Due to this, and a few other mistakes, Bieber was seen differently by the world. People no longer cared about the talent he had for singing and playing instruments such as guitar and drums. Bieber was no longer seen as the innocent boy, but as a disgrace. People claimed that whomever won the Olympics Ice Hockey Game, Canada or US, would be stuck with Justin Bieber. Bieber also performed at the VMA’s and was booed, not because of his music, but because of his actions.

Justin Bieber’s career was not going well, especially with the media constantly scrutinizing him. However, Bieber did not let this bother him. He was willing to fix the mess he had created. Towards the end of the summer of 2015, Bieber released the song, “What Do You Mean,” which was different than his last few singles, and was met with a large amount of positivity. Bieber later released the album Purpose in November, which also received a large amount of positive feedback. The album is completely different from any of his past music, and shows his growth as an artist and the different direction he wants to take his music. People across the world began to rethink about what they believed about the singer. Bieber went on multiple TV shows such as Jimmy Fallon and Ellen, and was met with constant cheer and admiration by everyone. Bieber managed to go from the young boy rapping about finding love when he was thirteen, to the teenage rebel who peed in public, to the man who reached most streamed artist on Spotify. Bieber is living proof that it is never too late to say sorry, and find your purpose.

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