Holiday Quiz Results

by El Gato News

If you scored…

1-9 points: You’re the Grinch!
Based on your grumpy answers to the questions above and the fact that you didn’t even answer
all of the questions given, it’s pretty clear that your heart is a few sizes too small. Don’t worry,
people CAN change. So, if you ever get tired of eating trash alone with your weird little dog and
smelling like garbage, you are welcome to rejoin society. And just remember, if you don’t have
anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

10-15 points: You’re a Snowman!
Your general indifference towards all holiday activities has proven that you might as well be
an inanimate object. Sure, you might come to life every once in a while and do a Frosty the
Snowman sort-of-thing, but other than that you can usually be found sitting still somewhere and
blankly staring in one direction.

16-20 points: You’re an Elf!
Though your enthusiasm for the Holiday Season is notable, it clearly stems from an ulterior
motive. Halloween is really your favorite holiday, but you’ll pretend to like any holiday if it means
that you’ll get a paycheck from Mr. and Mrs. Cringle at the end of every month. To cope with the
stress of putting on a holiday-loving facade you try on your Zorro costume every night before
you go to bed. It makes you feel alive.

21-25 points: You’re a Yule Log!
Similar to being a snowman, you are also an inanimate object, but this is a positive part of your
personality. All of your holiday decisions are calculated perfectly as to not offend anyone, if
you’re making decisions for yourself at all. You are sweet and fun to be around, but you will
never be the center of attention. People may mention you from time to time, but most people
have no idea what you are.

26-30 points: You’re a Reindeer!
Your family has been bred to love the holidays for generations. You can’t imagine a world in
which you don’t own 12 advent calendars, and you love delivering presents to your friends and
family. You value tradition, but are willing to go with the flow. You don’t even feel the need to
take credit for your hard work and are completely selfless. It’s so great that people thank Santa
and give him cookies while you work! You love it and take no issue with it! Really, everything’s

31-35 points: You’re a Caroler!
You love the holidays so much and everyone should love the holidays just as much as you do!
You plan caroling excursions with your family and spend around three hours a night traveling
door-to-door. No matter how many people are singing at once, your voice always manages to
be the loudest. Some people have asked you to “calm down about caroling,” but you wouldn’t
want to deprive your fans of your admirable holiday spirit. It’s not your fault you’re so talented.

36-40 points: You’re Santa Claus!
You are a literal holiday saint. You have a kind and sensitive soul, and people will appreciate
your holiday joy. You are probably also an over-achiever in other aspects of your life, and failure
crushes you. Keep up the good work and, for everyone’s sake, I hope you get into Stanford.

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