Unplugged Performances

by El Gato News

Relive the amazing music and comedy of Unplugged 2014!


Jacquie Craig, Sophie Mortaz, and Rebecca Briones- Radioactive

Dallas Dixon and Dana Jaco- Somebody I Used to Know

Shirin Belgal and Erin Maguire- Stay

Ava Toren and Fiona Fields- Like I’m Gonna Lose You

Dallas Dixon and Katie Toda- Daydreaming

Dean Marchant, Colette Marcellin, and Anastasia Zavodnik- Blank Space

Mateo Caviglia-Luna- A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Austin Lee- Half a Heart

Jazz Club- Blue Train

Zack Miller and Wylder Robinson- El Scorcho

Jeffery Suzuki- Back and Forth

Tessa Carroll and Aiden Drugge- 3 Song Medley

Eve Javey, Olivia Manina, and Teo Neimann- That’s What’s Up

Jakob Alesandro- Riptide

Liat Rubin and Aidan Adams-Campeau- Heartless

Aidan Adams-Campeau– Colour Me In


Video courtesy: Lark Breen

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