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LGHS Confessions tells all

by Ruth Murai

Web Editor-in-Chief

In March of 2013, LGHS students saw their Facebook timelines overtaken by a brand new, revolutionary page: LGHS Confessions. The page became a sensation practically overnight. The idea was that students could anonymously send in their secrets, which would then be posted for the whole school to see and like or comment on. Whether the appeal was the mystery, the attention, or the sheer entertainment, the page became widely discussed on campus, in and out of classrooms.

Although the question was often asked, the administrator of the page refused to release his or her identity to the public, and the secret has been kept even to this day. However, although he/she remains anonymous, El Gato News has been given the unique opportunity to ask the administrator of LGHS Confessions the questions we have all been dying to hear the answers to.


El Gato News (EGN): How did you end up as the administrator to LG Confessions?

LG Confessions (LGC): My brother created the page with his friend during the “confession revolution of 2013,” and then as he graduated from LGHS he made me Chief Executive Administrator, while he still keeps ownership for potential profit purposes.

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EGN: Did you expect that LGHS Confessions would have the huge effect it did on campus?

LGC: Well no, not really, as other confession pages came up I expected our popularity to drop extensively. However, as they shut down due to legal issues our Total Reach (popularity) increased greatly and is still expanding due to incoming students.

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EGN: You’ve posted over 1000 confessions—but how many go unposted, and why?

LGC: About 500 have not been posted due to potentially offensive language or inclusion of names that cannot be substituted for pronouns without losing the confession’s purpose.

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EGN: How do you respond to confessions from people in potentially harmful situations? i.e. self-harm, abusive relationships, or bullying.

LGC: Usually those confessions are posted, unless they are offensive, because they deserve to be brought to the public’s attention, that way they can be dealt with.


EGN: Have you ever had problems with the school administration? How did you deal with those?

LGC: Some of the administration had concerns about us saying inappropriate things about the staff of LGHS and using names, but we dealt with it by, well, doing what any good business owner would: apologizing, assessing the mistakes, and ensuring that it doesn’t happen again.


EGN: How do you think LGHS Confessions has benefitted our school?

LGC: I believe it has exposed some of the intolerance many people in our community encounter, it has given students a source of advice on some of their high school challenges, and has often given them a source of entertainment.

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EGN: What has been your favorite confession?

LGC: Hmm. Though serious confessions are much more beneficial to the well-being of our school, I am a comical person. So my favorite post was, “I dream about peeing in Spanish because it isn’t worth the extra credit point.”

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EGN: Will you ever reveal your true identity?

LGC: For the protection of future administrative officials from any persecution of any kind, we are prohibited from disclosure. However, disclosure to trusted friends is permitted, on a limited basis.

Got a secret you’re dying to spill?

You can submit your anonymous confessions to LGHS Confessions by clicking here.

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