iPhone Pranks

by Cole Potter


Apple Inc. has always encouraged people to, “Think Differently.” Many users of the websites Reddit and 4chan took this message to heart recently with the release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The devices each contained a design flaw in which one could apply pressure at the point where the volume control met the body of the phone and effectively bend and even break the entire phone’s screen. Pranksters from Reddit and 4chan used this product defect to their advantage in an internet practical joke campaign, forging an extremely convincing statement from Apple themselves advertising this new “Bend” technology. Twitter soon became abuzz with stories and pictures of people destroying their new phones in trying out this new “iPhone feature”.


Some of these same Reddit rascals and 4chan forgers created a similar fake information campaign for the new iOS8 software for Apple devices. They claimed that through updating their phones to the new operating systems, owners could now place their devices in a microwave to charge it. Named “Apple Wave,” an even larger number of naive iPhone users were duped by this new “technology.”

iwave  In my opinion though, if you were stupid enough to fall for these tricks, you most likely were not competent enough to use your phone correctly in the first place.

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