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All Shook Up: LGHS’s New Musical

by Rheagan Rizio

This year’s spring musical at LGHS is All Shook Up. The show takes the hits of Elvis Presley and creates a storyline linking them together, putting the songs in different arrangements. The show’s director, Tim Nielson, most recently directed the fall play The Good Doctor and last year’s spring musical Urinetown.

The storyline involves a “rolling roustabout” who winds up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, where the mayor has recently implemented a law prohibiting “public necking, loud music, and tight pants”— all things the main character, Chad, feels very strongly about. Chad therefore makes it his mission to save the town and bring life back to the people. Along the way, he gains multiple fans and admirers, several love interests, a sidekick, and inspires love in several other characters. The show is packed full of romance, jokes, and even a little bit of gender bending.

The show stars senior Miles Morrison as Chad. This is not Morrison’s first musical, but it is his first at Los Gatos. “Being in this particular show is something I’m going to remember for the rest of my life,” says Morrison. “I have so much fun playing the role of Chad. I was already a big Elvis fan before the show, and the fact that I actually get the opportunity to step into his shoes is amazing.”

Senior Maggie Niemann, who plays the other female lead, Natalie, has appeared in every single musical at Los Gatos during her four years, as well as most of the talent shows. Niemann loves performing, especially the vocal aspect of it. “Singing and theater are my passions, and I have been doing them my entire life” says Niemann. “This show is a work that every cast mate is passionate about, and we are all determined to make it amazing. I love my cast and I am so glad I could spend my last show here in an amazing role and with amazing people.”

Other notable characters include Dennis (played by sophomore Aran Gaffney), Miss Sandra (played by senior Lauren Shusterman), Jim (played by senior Chance Molenda), Sylvia (played by senior Rheagan Rizio), Lorraine (played by junior Olivia Mannina), Dean (played by junior Stefan Montana), Mayor Matilda (played by senior Kirby Lorig) and Sheriff Earl (played by senior Riley Carroll). The show also features a large ensemble, much of which is comprised of returning veterans from last year’s musical. “We all know each other really well and are really close,” says sophomore Teenie Noskowski. “Most of us have been doing shows together for years. It’s great to be doing a show with my best friends.”

The show opens today, Friday, Mar. 7. It runs for two weekends with performances on Mar. 7, 8, 13, 14, and 15 at 7:30 pm. With all the hard work the cast has been putting in, this is certainly not a show to miss this season.

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