Spirit Week Spring 2019

by Bradley Adams and Nick Borgia

Public Relations Managers

LGHS Students rolled into school on Monday, Apr. 1 in an assortment of different outfits and costumes resembling music festival fanatics. At lunchtime, the grades competed in inflatable knockout and the sophomores took victory.



On Tuesday, the wildcats sported their “denim-on-denim” outfits and during lunch, the grades competed in a game of tic-tac-toe with the seniors coming out on top.


On Wednesday, students faced off in Greece vs Grease and during lunch, LGHS took to the pool deck where the grades competed in slam dunk Water Polo. The juniors left the pool deck feeling content with their win.



On Thursday, students came to campus in an assortment of different outfits that represented California. The freshmen represented the Silicon Valley, the sophomores were NorCal, the Juniors were Hollywood, and the Seniors were SoCal. The lunchtime game was a food relay race, where the seniors secured another victory.

Friday was the day that the entire week came down to. Students came to school in their class colors, and the bell schedule was adjusted to fit the rally in before school got out at 2:10. After the games and competitions, the seniors came out on top to secure a victory for the class of 2019.