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Let Your Anger Out

Anger is a taboo emotion. We judge anger in others, and try to suppress it when we feel it within ourselves. When we think about anger, we only see drivers filled with road rage and giant green monsters. However, we don’t immediately see the growth and passion that anger can represent.

Be nice to your parents

The teenage years are a period of great change, growth, and development. We are moving away from our close relationship with our parents and are moving more towards our peers for advice and feedback. It is easy to become frustrated with what can easily be perceived as our parents’ attempts to treat us like children, and easy to shut them out. However, it is important to try not to do this, and to give our parents the respect they deserve.

Pro Military Action in Syria

President Obama made the right choice asking for Congressional approval of his announced plans of a unilateral military strike against Syria for their use of chemical weapons. This decision has led to intense public debate as to whether or not the US should intervene in Syria.