OPINION: Gay Marriage Rights Must Remain Protected

by Cara Davidson

Public Relations Manager

Let me begin by stating that I am straight. I am in no way trying to say that I understand the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community because, in all honesty, I have never experienced discrimination regarding who I choose love. I am simply here to express my opinion on one of the most absurd controversies we have in our world. Gay marriage rights must stay legalized. Whether or not gay people are be allowed to get married should not have even been a question in the first place. No one should not get a say in the personal lives of people they do not know because it simply does not affect them. 

As a high school student, I can admittedly say that I have liked some pretty questionable boys. While I do regret the feelings I had for them, I do not criticize myself for feeling them because I did not choose to “fall” for these people. I think many can agree with me in saying that you like who you like, even if you wish you didn’t. There are aspects to love that are a choice and there are many that are not. Sure, you can choose who you decide to talk to and pursue, but in the end, we have very little control over who we fall for. So why is this important to gay marriage rights? If we don’t even have control over who we fall in love with, how can we possibly say that people we don’t even know should have control over who we marry? 

I am truly baffled that someone being able to marry the person that they love is even a point of contention. Love is love. In no possible way does someone marrying someone else have anything to do with others, perhaps unless they know them personally and there are other factors that should be accounted for.  Maybe gay marriage goes against certain people’s religious beliefs, but those are simply their beliefs. Individuals shouldn’t be able to limit others’ lives because they were raised to believe that humans are not equal due to their sexual orientation or that love is only love if it is between a man and a woman. Please, just let humans live. If two people of the same gender getting married truly bothers you, then don’t pay attention to them. People should not be so obsessed with controlling other people’s lives when the only life they should have control over is their own. 

One of the most miraculous parts about life is that the possibilities are truly endless. Part of being human is experiencing new things, new people, and deciding what you like best. To be human is to find out what exhilarates us. How can we possibly limit others and their choices, especially when it comes to love? Why do you truly care that two people want to get married? How does it hurt you? We should not get a say in limiting who people love. We should focus on finding what exhilarates us, rather than limiting the experience of others.

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