Marrufo and Liu review Podcasts

By: Nadia Liu and Ella Marrufo


While it’s become an internet joke to make fun of people who drop everything to start a painfully mediocre self-help or comedy podcast, the truth is, there are some podcasts that are actually worth your time. The following series (while they might not be the most intellectual or informative) are perfect to listen to during a work commute, while on a walk with your dog, or just whenever you need a boost of serotonin. 

The Basement Yard, a podcast started in 2015 by Joe Santagato, recently took TikTok by storm and stole the hearts of its supremely dedicated fanbase. Along with co-host and childhood friend Frank Alvarez, Santagato discusses time-relevant issues and topics, covering everything from the Roman Empire to Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny. Santagato and Alvarez are clever, quick-witted, and entertaining, making even the most mundane topics captivating. Above all, the two are hilarious, and there isn’t an episode that won’t make you laugh. If you’re ever in need of something to stave off your boredom or to pass the time, this podcast is for you. 

Another comedy podcast, Tiny Meat Gang (TMG), is a household name known by nearly all podcast lovers. For those who don’t already know of TMG, the podcast is run by well-received YouTubers Cody Ko and Noel Miller and began in 2017. Like the Basement Yard, each of TMG’s episodes focuses on trending topics and can be anything from completely bizarre to surprisingly simple. TMG frequently includes celebrity guest speakers like Mr. Beast or Oliver Tree, meaning their content never gets stale. In addition to their comedic podcast, TMG has branched out into the music industry, producing satirical and humorous songs that have accumulated millions of streams. Their debut song from 2019 featuring singer Blackbear, Short Kings Anthem, has reached 66 million streams, and their most popular song, Walk Man, has reached almost 93 million. Overall, the TMG podcast is funny, diverse, and an original in its genre, pioneering comedy podcasts that would come after it. 

Football’s favorite brothers, Jason (Philadelphia Eagles) and Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs), host their podcast New Heights every Wednesday. Filled with football insights, hilarious anecdotes, and a star-studded guest list, New Heights provides entertainment and behind-the-scenes sports commentary. Past guests include Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and NBA player turned sports analyst Charles Barkley. After news of Travis Kelce’s new romance with singer-songwriter Taylor Swift emerged, Swifties flocked to the podcast for any update on the relationship. Swinging between talking about football, Swift, and random topics like “GOAT Halloween candy,” New Heights is a good time whether you like football or not. 

Finally, if you love celebrity drama, pop culture gossip, and TikTok feuds, the BFFs podcast is perfect for you. Describing themselves as an “unlikely trio,” TikTok star Josh Richards, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, and influencer Brianna Chickenfry host the podcast every Wednesday. Although BFFs lacks substance, the hosts’ hilarious commentary on everything pop culture makes up for it, always dishing out hot takes and candid opinions. The podcast’s celebrity guests include influencer Tana Mongeau, singer Olivia O’Brien, rapper Yung Gravy, and actor Josh Peck. If you’re looking for deep conversations and emotional revelations, you’re looking in the wrong place. However, if you want hot gossip and pure entertainment, check out BFFs. 

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