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St. Mary’s Fair Draws In LG Community

By: Katie Nelson

Media Editor

The annual St. Mary’s Country Fair returned for the 55th year on the weekend of Oct. 6 through Oct. 8. The fair kicked off at 5:00 PM on Friday on the blacktop of St. Mary’s school. This annual event attracts hundreds of Los Gatos families and has an array of rides, games, food, and live entertainment. The long-standing tradition is hosted by St. Mary’s Parish and School, and all the proceeds go to the education and church programs. 

The fair amusements mostly catered toward kids kindergarten through 8th grade, with rides including a carousel, swings, teacups, and the caterpillar rollercoaster. However, younger and older kids alike enjoyed the well-known Alien Abduction ride that uses centripetal force to hold riders against the interior walls as it spins. Similarly, the Rockstar is popular among a variety of age groups, rotating on an axis so that it swings high in the air. 

For younger kids who don’t enjoy rides, the Kid’s Zone was the perfect place for them to have a good time. Situated in the breezeway between classrooms, the Kid’s Zone featured carnival games and handed out exciting prizes. Many middle and high school volunteers manned the stations and helped the younger kids with the games.

In addition to the fun rides and games, local artists showcased their talent at the fair. Live bands, dance and gymnastics performances, and a talent show were just some of the various kinds of live entertainment. The event provided a perfect venue for young kids to showcase their talent in front of family and friends, with kid performances by local organizations such as Rockin Kidz and Los Gatos Dance Company.

St. Mary’s also worked hard to make the fair interactive and fun this year, with competitive activities such as bingo and a watermelon eating contest. Stands with food like pizza, nachos, cotton candy, and popcorn also added to the authentic carnival feel. 

In conjunction with the fair, St. Mary’s hosted the Harvest Market a few days before on Oct. 5. The shopping event is an opportunity for local businesses and retailers to sell an array of items, including jewelry, clothing, gourmet gifts, handbags, home decor, and more. From the vibrant colors to the aromatic smells, the annual fair brought joy to people of all ages and continues to be an attractive event in our town. 

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