Fall Movies and Shows

By: Lucy Panicacci

Local News Editor

My favorite time of the year, fall, has arrived. To celebrate this season of falling leaves, pumpkin treats, and crisp, cool weather, I have put together a list of fall movies and shows. I curated my selection based on three characteristics: nostalgia, coziness, and spookiness. This collection epitomizes my personal interpretation of the comforting feeling of autumn. 

Starting off strong, the Great British Baking Show is the perfect way to ease into fall. The whimsical competitive show follows 12 amateur bakers as they assemble a variety of cakes, tarts, puddings, and more. Co-hosts Noel Fielding and Alison Hammond contribute to the uplifting nature of the show, creating different skits and cracking jokes. Personally, nothing feels more like fall than watching people with strong British accents bake delectable treats. The Great British Baking Show released its first episode of Collection 11 on Sept. 29 and will continue to release episodes every Friday on Netflix.

My second, more controversial pick, is the live-action The Cat in the Hat movie. Although this movie may not fit the typical aesthetic of an autumn movie, I still highly recommend it. In this comedy film, the Cat mysteriously appears in the house of siblings Conrad and Sally Walden and teaches them how to have fun, sing songs, bake cupcakes, and, overall, wreak havoc. The chaotic and scary atmosphere (I thought this was a horror movie when I watched it as a kid) makes this an appealing fall pick.  

A more Halloween-themed film, Alice in Wonderland is an autumn essential. The film features many iconic characters, including my favorite, the Queen of Hearts. The outlandish costumes, fantasy world, and funny accents of Alice in Wonderland make me feel joyful. With its foggy, gloomy atmosphere, this movie is perfect for snuggling up with as many blankets as possible and drinking a cup of hot chocolate. 

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is another cozy classic. In this fantasy movie, a group of siblings — Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy — enter a wardrobe and discover the mystical and snowy world of Narnia. The film fulfills my childlike wonder of a closet leading to a new universe. Most notably, I will always remember the White Witch giving Edmund the most scrumptious-looking Turkish delights. 

My favorite autumn film of all time is, of course, Coraline. This masterpiece of film combines all three of the fall characteristics of coziness, nostalgia, and spookiness. At the beginning of the film, Coraline’s work-obsessed parents, the eerie vibe of her old house, and the pouring rain create this dreary environment that makes me want to light a candle and get as snug as a bug. The off-putting feeling of Coraline’s other parents also makes Coraline an amazing horror film. All the aspects of this movie, such as the moody blue coloring, the black cat, and the animation, makes Coraline the ultimate fall watch. If you ever find the sun setting at 5 PM depressing, I highly recommend a watch of any of these fall classics to lighten your spirits. 


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