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California Recognizes Transgender History Month

By: Kloe Adams

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The California assembly made history on Sept. 7 after passing House Resolution 57, which recognizes August as Transgender History Month, making California the first state in the nation to do so. 

Shortly after the vote was cast, Assembly Member Matt Haney, a San Francisco Democrat who authored the bill, and several trans activists held a press conference to celebrate the state’s trans-inclusive measure. Jupiter Peraza, a transgender activist, delivered a statement near the end of the conference about how Transgender History Month will help “humanize” the community. Haney then commented, “I believe that as Californians our strongest defense against the anti-trans agenda is just to tell the truth. Let’s tell the truth about transgender people’s lives, and let’s lift up the history of the transgender Californians who left their mark on our great state.” 

Before it gained statewide recognition, the trans-inclusive month was independently recognized in cities such as San Francisco and Santa Clara. 

This resolution came amid outrage surrounding school gender policies in the state, including state Attorney General Rob Bonta’s lawsuit against the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education “to immediately halt the enforcement” of its mandatory gender identity disclosure policy.

Transgender History Month, set to begin in 2024, will work to highlight the contributions and history of the trans community while also aiming to raise awareness about the community’s experiences. According to Honey Mahogany, San Francisco’s Democratic Party Chair, “Many Californians remain unaware of the real lives and experiences of transgender people, even here in California.” She continued by adding, “We can change that through awareness, education, and outreach, and I believe that establishing a Transgender History Month in California is one way we can do just that.” Additionally, this resolution follows the newly formed activist group Protect Kids California, which is aiming to pass three 2024 ballot initiatives addressing transgender kids in California. 

The introduction of Trans History Month joins a growing list of measures California lawmakers have taken to make the state a more supportive place for trans citizens. With a bill passed last year establishing the state as a refuge for transgender kids and their families, California is slowly becoming a safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community. Democratic state Senator Scott Weiner said in a statement at the time that “California must stand with LGBTQ kids and their families, especially when they’re under attack across the country.”

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