Quizza Co-Creator Goldman Crafts More Inventions Through Coding

By: Dana Hathaway

Editorial Editor

Most high school students graduate in four years, but senior Ryland Goldman paved his own path. Joining the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg with his creative approach to technology, Goldman’s intellect produced a variety of innovative projects for Wildcats over the three years it took for him to graduate high school. 

Initially, Goldman learned to code from reading tutorial books. He remembers his first project as “copying a tutorial to make a website where you push a button and an alert comes up. It looked awful, but it was the first thing I made.” After years of progressing his coding expertise, Goldman — along with fellow LGHS student Collin Wentzein — created what Goldman refers to as his “favorite project to date.” The product was a build-it-yourself kit for a phone: Phone By Mako. Their  “mission is to teach people how everyday electronics work by having them build their own version of a device. In the kit, people learn how phones work, how keypads work, and how to code in the Arduino programming language.”

Another project — one that many LGHS students utilize — is the website Quizza. Goldman explained, “We were looking to get a new way for people to study besides Quizlet once Quizlet started charging students…We ultimately came up with our own version of the site.” He elaborated, “I tend to do most of the software, and Collin does a lot of the hardware stuff.” 

Goldman’s innate coding abilities have come a long way from his first manual. He feels “fluent in three [coding] languages: Javascript, Python, and C.” However, he explained, “there [are] others that I’m used to, but I wouldn’t say I know that well.” This year, Goldman utilized his coding abilities in his Advanced Science Research class to code an astrophysics simulation.

While Goldman’s talents are often most visible through his inventions, his most impressive characteristic is his mindset. He explained that he creates because, “I just like learning about stuff. How to program, how to build a computer, build a phone, anything really. It’s just fun.” He applied this same attitude to academics, which drove Goldman to take “about 150 credits worth of classes.” Over the past few years, he accumulated three associates degrees (which normally take two years each): an AS in Computer Information Systems, an AA in Economics, and an AA in Liberal Arts. 

After just three years at LGHS, Goldman will be attending University of California Los Angeles in the fall. He plans to double major in Computer Science and Engineering alongside Math Economics. He’d also like to minor in bioinformatics. Goldman was frank: “I have no idea what I’m doing after college.” One thing is certain — he will make an impact, and you can tell your kids that you went to high school with Ryland Goldman.

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