Gruetter Recaps Lizzy McAlpine Concert

By: Kate Gruetter

National/World Editor

The impressive vocalist and beloved artist Lizzy McAlpine finished off the United States leg of her 2023 tour on May 13 in Oakland at the Fox Theater. Though McAlpine has wonderful music worth listening to on Spotify and Apple Music, these recordings don’t stand a chance when compared to the sound of her songs live. With a lung capacity and endurance that blew me away, McAlpine is one of the best performers I’ve seen, and the addition of an impressive venue and amazing setlist made it a night to remember. 

Olivia Barton, popular for her song If I Was A Fish, opened for McAlpine. Braving the stage with just a guitar and her voice, Barton put together a simple set that was brief, yet enjoyable. 

The concert’s location was one of the most incredible parts of the evening. The Fox Theater’s vintage exterior matches perfectly with its ornamented interior. The ceiling’s gold detailing, along with the spacious balcony and floor areas, made the theater comfortable and enthralling to look at. Though the five-dollar waters felt slightly excessive, though the three-dollar snacks and candy more than made up for it.  

McAlpine began her performance with the synthe-heavy song An Ego Thing, which perfectly set the stage for her following tracks. Upbeat yet still heartbreaking, An Ego Thing was the perfect concert kickoff. The energy that started the concert continued throughout the show, which was incredibly impressive given the difficult vocals featured in McAlpine’s popular songs. She sang my personal favorite tune, Firearm, in a heartbreaking belt that made everyone scream along with her, and her popular song Ceilings inspired everyone to record and sing along. The singer surprised the audience with unreleased songs too, as well as a tear-jerking cover of She Used To Be Mine from the musical Waitress. 

In addition to the beautiful Fox Theater, McAlpine made sure to round out her tour with a marvelous stage set-up. Framed by living room decor — complete with a couch, “family” photos, and a piano disguised as a desk — McAlpine’s laid-back but complementary outfit crafted a comfortable and accepting ambiance in the concert hall. 

Short but sweet, McAlpine’s concert is one that I would go to a thousand times over again. Everyone in the audience was kind and enthusiastic, and the singer herself was sensational and attentive, making sure her fans were hydrated and feeling okay at all times. The venue was brilliant and comfortable, and her songs all graced my ears with their beauty. So, next time Lizzy announces a tour, make sure to secure tickets before they’re gone.


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