Panicacci Details April Fools’ Day Ideas

By: Lucy Panicacci

Culture Editor

One of the most underappreciated holidays is merely weeks away: April Fools’ Day. While many people don’t celebrate this event at all, people must start taking April Fools, a day of endless possibilities and creativity, more seriously. Most will do something casual, like attaching a device that emits a slight ringing sound to someone, speaking gibberish all day, and the classic saran plastic wrap prank. However, if you want to do something greater for April Fools, take inspiration from some of my favorite plans. By the end of this article, I hope you ask yourself: why don’t I take advantage of this day?

This first plan is what I call “fashion inspiration taken to the extreme.” On an average day, you might find yourself walking past someone and thinking, “Wow, I really love that outfit!” Rather than just asking them where their clothes are from, April Fools’ Day is an opportunity for action. Therefore, on April Fools, I will steal the clothes instead. I see a hoodie I like. Stolen. A funky sweater. Stolen. Nice pants. Stolen. Have no fear, no consequences, and no apologies. My warning to everyone is to hold onto your hats. 

Another one of my ideas has to do with the senior parking lot. This plan involves taking one car part — a front bumper here and an engine there — from each car in the parking lot. Then, I will take each piece and assemble a brand-new car. How devious!

If you are too worried about the legal implications of stealing, you can alternatively utilize some of my psychological trickery instead. To mess with someone’s head, you can yell their name as loud as you can and then act completely normal, as if you said nothing at all in the first place. This trick will make your victim question their own reality and sense of self, which I think is pretty fun. 

If you would like to take your prank a step further, I have a fantastic idea which involves group collaboration. First, choose one person to mess with all day. Every time you interact with this person, randomly tell them to “wake up” repeatedly. The chant will be most effective with the widest variety of people, from acquaintances to family members. By the end of the day, you will have your subject utterly in shock and self-questioning.

Lastly, I don’t think most people realize that nothing counts on April Fools. You can admit your darkest secrets, but if an “April Fools” follows it up, it doesn’t matter. Most of all, take this day as an opportunity to be brutally honest and say what you are actually thinking.

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