by Margo Rawlings and Brendan Moore

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Sports and smarts: two words that describe sophomore Leon Sarashki. In his second year at Los Gatos High School, Sarashki is enrolled in many rigorous courses, along with excelling in athletics as a varsity player in two sports.

Sarashki shines scholastically, challenging himself with a difficult course load, along with his various extracurricular activities. This year, Sarashki is taking advanced classes like AP European History and Algebra II Accelerated. Despite its known difficulty, his favorite subject is AP Euro. He explained that, “I really enjoy the class because I find it interesting learning about history.” Next school year, Sarashki intends to continue expanding his knowledge of the historical world by enrolling in AP U.S. History, as well as various other rigorous classes such as AP Language and Trigonometry/Pre Calculus Honors. Additionally, he plans to explore new endeavors by taking an extracurricular course in business. Following high school, Sarashki sees himself pursuing a career in real estate or business since he enjoys creating connections with those around him, as well as meeting new people. 

As an underclassman at LGHS, Sarashki showcases his competitive nature and skills while playing at the varsity level. A deep interest in sports motivated Sarashki to play football and soccer for LGHS. When asked about his favorite aspects of LGHS, he stated, “My favorite thing is probably having so many friends around and the sports.” A multi-positional player, Sarashki stood out among the JV Football wide receivers and defensive backs this past season and eventually stepped up to the Varsity roster for CCS Playoffs. Sarashki’s skills translate to the soccer field as well, as he earned a spot as goalkeeper on the Boys’ Varsity soccer team. Sarashki’s passion for soccer developed in the first grade, and has stayed with him ever since. As for football, it started as a childhood hobby and transformed into a more serious activity; now he looks forward to next season and the impact he will bring to the Wildcats.

Even with Sarshki’s difficult course load and several sports, he still finds time to relax through his various hobbies. When not at school, Sarahski enjoys going to the gym to workout. He mentioned that “even though I don’t have a lot of free time, I really like working out because for me at least, it’s very relaxing and gives me time to think.” He also enjoys cooking, detailing that “I make just about anything, but my favorites are pasta, burgers, and steak.” 

During the weekend, when he is not working out or playing sports, Sarashki spends time with his friends. He explained: “On weekends, I always look forward to spending time with my friends because they are just really fun people to be around and we always find interesting things to do.” Make sure to watch out for this well-rounded sophomore as he continues leaving his mark on our community!

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