Lees brings talent to LGHS Soccer

by Emily Duvall and Georgia Kaufman
Opinion Editors

As a star soccer player and more, freshman Max Lees is already making his mark at Los Gatos High School. Lees brings his kind and humorous energy wherever he goes, especially if there’s a reward involving either chicken or freshly made grilled cheese. Whether he is on Helm Field for the Boys’ Varsity Soccer Team or in any one of his classes, Lees brings light into a room as soon as he walks into it.

Lees puts forth an abundance of talent to the LGHS soccer program. The freshman made the varsity squad this year and was the only freshman to compete on the team. He explained, “Being the only freshman on varsity was a little nerve racking at first, but when I got to know my teammates a bit more, I felt super comfortable around them. I think being the only freshman on varsity is really not any different than being a sophomore.” Lees recounted his favorite moments of the season, which wrapped about a month ago, sharing, “My favorite memories from being on the team were either the amount of team bonding time we had or the dance parties we had in the locker room after home wins; the best part about being on the team was getting to know everyone.” 

Lees began playing soccer at the age of five, at the De Anza Force Soccer Club. Currently, he competes with Los Gatos United’s 2007 top team. The freshman just moved over to the new club, and he stated, “I’m super excited to keep playing with them.” 

Though the transition from middle school to high school can be difficult for some, Lees managed to navigate the change with ease. He admitted, however, “[it’s] very different, since there are double the amount of students at the school.” The Los Gatos native is prevailing through this transition, as he said, “Los Gatos is a very good high school, and the kids here are super nice.” In addition to his talent on the field, Lees excels in the lab, as he currently takes biology — his favorite class to date. When not on the field or in class, Lees can be found hanging out with friends or working out after school. He enjoys going to the gym to put in some extra work when he has free time outside of club soccer.

A kind, compassionate, and encouraging person to all, Lees is known by his peers as a dependable friend. Anyone who gets a chance to know Lees as more than a grilled cheese and chicken-loving peer should take the opportunity to do so.

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