Evans Recaps Ko and Miller’s TMG Podcast

By: Alex Evans


As the podcast that got me into the audio media form, it is only natural that I pay respect to the Tiny Meat Gang (TMG) Podcast. Hosted by online comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller, the show first aired in October  2017. As a seventh grader, following Ko and Miller through their “That’s Cringe” series on YouTube and independent careers, I never anticipated that the two would still light up my week every Wednesday with a new episode. Over the summer and through this school year, I relistened to the 275+ episode catalog, so I can now debrief the show’s history in its entirety. 

While the pair originally ran the pod out of their apartments, Ko and Miller quickly upgraded to the infamous “Ding Ding Palace,” a studio where they were often interrupted by neighbors playing terrible music and singing screamo covers. Using the paid subscription service Patreon, they released weekly bonus episodes to patrons. The fan contributions filtered back into new projects and studio upgrades. Eventually, they evolved beyond Patreon, and created their own subscription service available through This system remains, with “main channel” episodes available for free every week on all audio streaming services and YouTube, plus a bonus episode for patrons who contribute between 2 and 10 dollars a month, depending on the subscription plan. 

The show grew exponentially, especially with the help of celebrity guests: Emma Chamberlain, Post Malone, Mr. Beast, and many more. Through the growth in followers, TMG established a niche and a dedicated fan base, but in April of 2021, Ko and Miller launched a rebrand. The comedians kept the name, but redesigned the set entirely: they bought a spaceship named “Candice” from which they record the podcast and “beam up” special guests. This redesign also brought new cover art, a newsletter, and more, specifically with the help of artist MeatCanyon, aka Hunter Hancock. 

This redesign also brought new branches to the show as Ko and Miller began producing others’ podcasts. These include Trillionaire Mindset with Ben Cahn and Emil DeRosa, Foul Tip with Zachary Piona and Walid Mohammed, and Brooke and Connor make a Podcast with Brooke Averick and Connor Wood, which are all available on Spotify, as well as the TMG website with respective subscriptions. Trillionaire mindset discusses the “funnier side of the business, political, and financial world” according to TMG studios, Foul Tip covers sports, and Brooke and Connor cover pop culture moments and happenings. 

Beyond the podcast, this dynamic duo experiments with music, releasing their first EP entitled Bangers and Ass in January of 2018. Down the road, they began working on more serious projects, evolving from comedy rap to the real scene with the help of producer Diamond Pistols and collaborative projects with Quinn XCII and blackbear. Further, Ko and Miller went on a world tour doing comedy shows, and had a second planned that COVID-19 cut short. Currently, Miller is balancing touring his solo live stand-up tour with recording podcast episodes; he is visiting San Francisco on Apr. 20. Ko and Miller are leaps and bounds from the starting point of the TMG podcast, and they only anticipate bigger projects and growing their team — the future holds even bigger accomplishments.

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