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Emma Loller Shines in Volleyball

By Michaela Thimot

People Editor

Through her tremendous dedication to her sport and her team, senior Emma Loller shined on the Los Gatos High School Varsity Volleyball Team and led them through an impressive season.

Loller’s volleyball career began at the age of ten when she joined the Vision Volleyball Club. After trying out a few other sports, she found she enjoyed volleyball the most and has never looked back. When Loller first joined her club, her mom was her coach, which only furthered her dedication to the sport. Years later, she is still a part of the same club and has gotten to play with many of the same girls for the duration of her time on Vision. 

Loller first joined the LGHS Varsity Volleyball Team during her freshman year, but she took a short hiatus from the team during her sophomore year because of COVID. During that year, the school season had to be pushed back, so she made the decision to continue with her club team and take a break from school volleyball. When she rejoined the team at the start of her junior year, Loller immediately made Varsity, and she continued to play into her senior year.

Due to various teammates’ injuries during the past season, instead of playing her normal position as a middle, Loller stepped up and played as a pin hitter for most of the season. She ended up enjoying the new position and even made All League along with junior Ally Black, and seniors Hannah Slover and Molly Vanderbosch. One of Loller’s favorite parts of volleyball is being part of a team and “having that community and close bond with all of my teammates because it really makes me feel like I have so many amazing people to lean on.”

After a better-than-anticipated recruiting process, Loller made the decision to commit to play Division III volleyball for Bryn Mawr College. The program at her future school is just beginning to rebuild itself, and she expressed that she’s “extremely excited to get a chance to be a part of that and watch the team grow together.” After a couple trips out to Philadelphia, Loller could not be more thrilled about getting to play at a college level with other outstanding players. Another key factor of the school for Loller, aside from the volleyball program, is the excellent city planning program Bryn Mawr offers. An appealing aspect of the school is the close proximity to University of Pennsylvania where she can take additional intriguing classes that can further her education in City Planning.

When asked about her role as an upperclassman on the team, Loller explained that during her time as a freshman new to the team, “So many of the upperclassmen welcomed me and it really made me feel good so I’m just glad that I was able to do that for the new members of the team.” Although her time with LGHS Volleyball has come to an end, Loller will continue to play for Vision until she heads off to Bryn Mawr and begins the next phase of her volleyball career.


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