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El Gato Recommends: Macy’s Parade, Rosaline, and More

Macy’s Parade:

Buckle your seatbelts my little turkeys! It’s time for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to come straight to you from NYC on the second to last Thursday of November! Time for the annual release of our favorite oversized humanlike dog, Snoopy, as well as performances by Elmo and Big Bird, the Rockettes — and my personal favorite — Big Time Rush. Oh, and I can’t forget the cameo of Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the very end of the best television special of the year. It’s going to be a wild ride. The countdown begins now. 

Georgia KaufmanOpinion Editor


Are you tired of rewatching the same old rom-coms? Try Hulu’s Rosaline, a modern take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. While many argue that Shakespeare adaptations are overdone, Rosaline’s charm and snark make up for the film’s triteness, reminiscent of movies like 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s the Man. Director Karen Maine reimagines the Shakespearean classic from the perspective of Rosaline, Romeo’s jilted ex and (gasp!) Juliet’s cousin. Leading lady Kaitlyn Dever, recently Emmy nominated for another Hulu project, Dopesick, imbues the movie with wit and sarcasm through a particularly charming performance. More com than rom, the movie’s 21st-century humor and stereotypical romance tropes aren’t for everyone, but for rom-com lovers and fans of modern period dramas, Rosaline is endlessly watchable.

Nadia LiuPublic Relations Manager

Disney’s Reflect:

On Oct. 28, Disney released its newest short film, Reflect. The short features young dancer Bianca, who struggles with self-confidence and eventually overcomes her body-image issues. Featuring Disney’s first-ever plus-sized protagonist, fans went wild over Reflect and declared it a win for body representation amongst young girls. With a positive message of acceptance, self-love, and a lesson that one is not alone in their personal struggles, the two minute short is a stepping-stone towards the long-awaited body-positivity theme that fans have been looking for. Reflect is a must-watch for those looking for an uplifting and inspirational message to brighten their day or influence their view of self-love.

Bridie BeamishCulture Editor

If You Ask Me To:

If you’re searching for unoriginal music, look no further than TikTok star Charli D’Amelio’s newest single “If You Ask Me to.” A track about love and breakups, D’Amelio’s lyrics are unimaginative at best, and are, at worst, the curation of an amateur and underpaid ghostwriter. There is nothing inherently wrong with the influencer’s song, and that’s the problem. It doesn’t establish D’Amelio as an emerging musical force or future superstar; rather, the song asserts that she is like every other TikTok star, addicted to autotune and attention from 12-year-olds. “If You Ask Me to” is honestly not worth the listen, unless, of course, you’re an up-and-coming musician looking for what not to release, then this song is a great example.

Kate GruetterNational/World Editor

The School for Good and Evil:

Anyone who was between eight and 12 years old during 2013 should run, not walk, to watch the new movie adaptation of The School for Good and Evil. The fantasy film follows Agatha and Sophie (Sofia Wylie and Sophia Anne Caruso) who get plucked out of their ordinary town to train to be successful heroes and villains at the dreamy School for Good and the infamous School for Evil. As the story progresses, the pair soon realizes that good and evil are not as black and white as one may think. The stars of the movie bring their spunk and character to the screen, and viewers are bound to love the animation of the magical elements. Netflix truly blessed all 2000s kids with this recent release. The School for Good and Evil is worth a watch, even if it’s purely for nostalgia.

Dana HathawayEditorial Editor

Enola Holmes 2:

Stop what you’re doing, grab a remote, and open up Netflix, because the long-awaited Enola Holmes 2 is finally out! Released on Nov. 4, the sequel picks up where the 2020 Enola Holmes left off: with the heroine taking on her first official case as a detective-for-hire. Searching for missing match girl Sarah Chapman, Enola, played by Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown, enlists the help of her older brother –– detective Sherlock Holmes, portrayed by Superman’s Henry Cavill –– and love-interest Viscount Tewksbury, played by Louis Partridge, for the adventure. Facing high praise with a 93 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Enola Holmes 2 is a must-watch for the fall season.

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Maya GomezEditor-in-Chief


Released on Sept. 30, the new movie Smile, directed by Parker Finn, successfully lives up to its description as a psychological horror film. Though I laughed throughout 90 percent of the film, I can assert that I left the theater feeling more disturbed than I was when I walked in. The ridiculous-looking smiles and the final reveal of the movie’s paranormal entity truly ruined any horror element present in the film. Yet, that doesn’t detract from the movie’s disturbing theme that made me feel as if someone took my brain out of my head and shook it around for the duration of the film. With an incredibly engaging and peculiar plot, I still encourage fans of psychological thrillers to watch this ridiculous, thought-provoking, and unsettling film. 

Bridie BeamishCulture Editor


On Oct. 24, more than a billion people across several faiths celebrated Diwali, otherwise known as the Festival of Lights, including fellow Los Gatos High School classmates. The five-day festival is the largest in India, but throughout all countries this holiday is enjoyed with new clothes, fireworks, sparklers, rangoli (art decoration), diyas (oil tea lamps), and lots of sweets. Diwali is the celebration of light over darkness – both literally and figuratively – and derives from the Hindu mythology epic, the Ramayana. Look out for next year’s date, Nov. 23; make sure to light a sparkler and say Happy Diwali!

Saya AlvaresSports Editor

Philomena Cunk:

“Why do we cry when the onions are the ones getting hurt?” Among other statements, this quote represents the truly philosophical and idiotic nature of Philomena Cunk. The creation of English comedian Diane Morgan, Cunk is a character known for her ability to ask dimwitted and concerningly misinformed questions. Typically featured interviewing experts in certain studies, it’s hard to watch a video of Cunk without laughing and shaking your head. So, if you’re ever bored, or looking for a pick-me-up, I would suggest searching “Philomena Cunk” on YouTube. You’re sure to find some truly mystifying and foolish content.  (Sources: Wikipedia, iNews)

Kate GruetterNational/World Editor


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