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Savanna Sisterhood Empowers Women

By Macy Dennon

Local Editor

LGHS junior Zoe Swanson and her sister Mikaela Swanson started a company called Savanna Sisterhood this summer, and their theme of female empowerment is nothing less than inspiring. Despite the sisters’ busy lives, with the pair also leading a tennis camp focusing on empowerment in addition to school and athletics, their main passion over the past few months has been their co-founded company. 

Several years ago, the sisters visited the Maasai Tribe while touring Serengeti National Park, a protected area in Tanzania. While there, the sisters learned about the local culture, which includes a heavy emphasis on cows. In the Maasai culture, cows are similar to a form of currency, as they serve as the basis for living, providing food, shelter, and clothing. Because of the rapidly changing climate, the tribe had to switch from cows to goats as they have a longevity that the cows cannot provide. After visiting the tribe, and learning about the changes the tribe has had to make, these local philanthropists founded Savanna Sisterhood to inspire change. 

The company focuses on buying bracelets from a female-owned business in Kenya — the Love is Project, a company that buys and sells items from artisans in Kenya. Z. Swanson explained, “we sell them everywhere we can and also just give them away [to spread awareness].” All the proceeds go to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a foundation focused on preserving wildlife in Kenya, and Team Lioness, a team of sixteen Maasai women who protect the lands just outside national parks in efforts to stop poaching. Z. Swanson explained that while the Savannah Sisterhood’s main focus has been bracelets, Love is Project sells far more. She stated, “they sell bags and everything, but they have different locations… some in Bali and they reach out with other people there, but we are focusing on the Kenya section.” 

  1. Swanson revealed that her motivation in co-founding the company with her sister was fueled by their trip to Serengeti National Park. “We actually met [the tribe] and were just inspired by their culture and wanting to help them. And we thought of the idea of connecting with this project and shelter Wildlife trust… We directly met with them and they also inspired us.” Swanson and her sister have varied passions, Zoe focusing on ECG investment with her online blog, and Mikaela more interested in finance. Swanson stated, “we are split off that way but we just came together for this project.”

The sisters created a website that displays their mission and story. As well as a well developed mission statement, the sisters also have a shop tab that allows customers to buy the bracelets directly. Scan the QR code to visit the website and shop. 

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