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LGHS Hosts Spirit Week

By: Saya Alvares

Sports Editor

The week of Sept. 26, LGHS students enjoyed a successful, eventful fall semester Spirit Week with dress-up days, lunchtime games, the Spirit Rally, the Homecoming football game, and the Coronation Dance. 

An impressive feat by fellow LGHS students that started the week was the Spirit Hallway in the main hall, on which the Leadership class spent countless hours. The Fall 2022 theme centered around cereal, and the classes competed against each other with teacher judges deciding which is the best. Junior Rachel Stephens, said of the hallway decorating, “the best part about spirit week was definitely hallway setup and seeing the reactions on everyone’s faces Monday morning. It was such a rewarding experience to see the effect of all our hard work after the months of planning and designing.” 

Monday started spirit week off strong with Adam Sandler Day. Students of all grades came to school in the cliche Sandler outfit: long basketball shorts and  massive T-shirts. Outfits also included a backwards hat and tinted sunglasses. If students really went the extra mile, they wore known Adam Sandler looks from movies such as the famous Happy Gilmore jersey. The lunchtime game featured capture the flag which ended in a tie between Juniors and Sophomores.

A little competition inspired Tuesday’s spirit day: Jersey vs. Jersey Shore. LGHS came decked out in their favorite teams’ attire as well as the iconic 2009 blinged-out looks. Sparkly sunglasses and eyeblack were fully on display during this fun and friendly competition. 

On Wednesdays we wear pink! This classic Mean Girls line resulted in a complete pink out of LGHS. From pink fishnets to pink face paint, the rose-colored day permitted a sneak peak for the Homecoming football game against Milpitas High School, which was a pink-out game.  

The most unique spirit day of the bunch, Thursday brought Water Safety Day which flaunted lifeguards, swimmers, and all those who love floaties. 

Lastly, the Spirit Rally capped Spirit Week; green, blue, orange, and black were on display everywhere as students prepared for an entertaining day. The Spirit Rally replaced tutorial time and all LGHS students headed to the football field to sit in their respective student sections in order of freshman, seniors, juniors, and sophomores. The rally was filled with fun games that involved both staff members and students, as well as impressive performances by the LG Dance Team, Cheer, and Colorguard/Marching Band. Some highlights included musical chairs, basketball, and human ring toss. The juniors won the fan favorite and main event: tug-of-war. However, seniors persevered to win the entirety of the rally. 

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