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Senior Ads!

Senior Ads 2023! This year El Gato and Yearbook will be working together to have Senior Ads published INSIDE the hardbound covers of the Yearbook (not inside the supplement like past years). Please be sure to do the following BY 3:00PM ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28 (we cannot accept late submissions):


  1. Go to the LGHS Webstore to pay for your ad: https://tinyurl.com/5n6etc6s
    1. If you have purchased a Patron or Sponsor subscription for El Gato:
EXCELLENT! You have pre-paid for a Senior Ad. GO TO STEP #2
  1. If you did NOT purchase a subscription to El Gato, but want to buy an Ad for your Senior, here are the prices:
⅛-page Ad: $50
¼-page Ad: $100
½-page Ad: $200


  1. All senior parents MUST THEN fill out the following GOOGLE FORM (https://forms.gle/XDFjkssV5pViQwog9) to submit either
    1. your own completed Senior Ad
  1. photos and text we will use to create one for your senior


All sizing and logistical information about senior ads are available on the Google Form.

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