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Boys JV WAPO Starts Strong

By: Isla Patrick 

Center Editor 

The Junior Varsity (JV) Boys’ Water Polo team dominated last Thursday, Sept. 15, with a 13-2 victory at their away game against Lynbrook High School. The boys established their lead from the beginning of the game and maintained it by an incredible margin thanks to the goals scored by sophomore Daniel Emerick, freshman Ethan Zheng, and freshman Ben Borenstein, alongside the contributions of many other skilled players. 

The JV boys encountered rough conditions at Lynbrook’s pool; their game began at 7:45 PM and they played in near-total darkness. Freshman Eric Yan was in early foul trouble with the referee in the first period, but avoided any further penalties and managed to stay in the game to contribute to his team’s win. Sophomore Thien Mai made a lot of contact with the ball throughout the game, proving his determination to destroy his opponents at any and all costs.

Sophomore Tripp Thomas, who scored two goals, stated “the game was fun and everyone enjoyed seeing our practice pay off,” while JV Coach Jimmy Patrick claimed that because it was one of the first games of the season, the low stakes allowed every player a chance to get in the game and enjoy themselves. He said, “everybody on the team contributed, which just made it an even greater success.”

Their large winning margin also allowed the JV water polo players to cheer on their teammates. When Yan found himself in a sticky situation with the referee, his fellow players made sure to encourage him regardless. Yan and the other JV boys kept their head in the game despite all challenges and did not let their lead get away from them for a second. It is safe to assume Lynbrook High School will fear future encounters with Los Gatos’ water polo teams after Thursday night’s victory.

It goes without saying that the JV boys likely have a lot of victories in their future, so be sure to keep an eye out for sharpshooters Thomas, Borenstein, Emerick, and Zheng, and get in on the action by attending a home game at Los Gatos’ pool before the season comes to a close. The JV boys’ next home games are on Tuesday, Sept. 27 against Woodside High School and Thursday, Sept. 29 against Homestead High School, and they are sure to impress.


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