Anna Marie Tendler Hops onto TikTok!

By Kate Gruetter

Culture Editor

Troubled teens everywhere, you are saved. Anna Marie Tendler, artist, businesswoman, and girlboss, recently made her debut on TikTok. Her account, which currently has 190,000 followers, includes nine videos, four of which are obscure but necessary life hacks. Her handle @annamtendler is easy to find, and a simple search of “Anna Marie Tendler” will also direct you to her account. Tendler, formerly married to comedian John Mulaney, is known for her art — posted on her Instagram — her skills as a makeup artist, and her custom lampshades. 

Tendler’s content is not only enjoyable but also refreshing. After splitting from her ex-husband last winter, Tendler made few public appearances, while Mulaney was seen with new girlfriend Olivia Munn on multiple occasions. As Mulaney fans speculate on their former marriage, Tendler’s TikTok account suggests the artist is unbothered and enjoying life. Such content is refreshing for fans, like myself, who just want the two to be happy. 

Tendler’s account features a variety of media, including her dog Petunia, a duvet cover, and toast, but a common theme seems to be life hacks. The first Tiktok posted by Tendler features a two minute tutorial on how to put on a duvet cover. The chaotic and helpful content is thoroughly appreciated by Tendler’s followers, with one user even stating, “I’ve been on Tiktok for 3 years and this is the most important one I’ve seen.” Another video supplies her followers with an equally easy and delicious recipe, involving minimal ingredients and steps. 

Tendler also confirmed her involvement in recent Tiktok trends; in her second video she mentions that she is “wondering if it is a bones or no bones day.” Me too Anna, me too. The video features Petunia, and provides curious users a tutorial on how to make the perfect toast. If you can’t find her account for some unfortunate reason, or if you are simply too restless to sit through the minute-long video, her hack involves using a vegetable peeler to “slice” cold butter. This hack ensures that the butter can melt more evenly on your toast. Once again, followers immediately ate up (pun intended) this content. 

Tendler’s account is a place to go for laughs, comfort, tutorials, even style advice. The patterned green wallpaper in her first video is to die for, and many fans in the comments immediately pointed it out. If you are having a bad day, or simply need a place to hide for a little bit, I suggest visiting Tendler’s account. The videos are short enough to thoroughly enjoy, but long enough to leave you satisfied. You will emerge from your bad day a changed person, informed, joyful, and ultimately grateful for such intriguing content.

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