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Annual Magical Glass Pumpkin Patch Dazzles Once Again

By Angela Sheu

People Editor

On Oct. 2 and 3, the Los Gatos community welcomed back the annual Magical Glass Pumpkin Patch on the LGHS front lawn. Local glass artists displayed and sold more than a thousand hand blown glass pumpkins, in addition to other glass decor. A community tradition, local organizers have held the event annually since 2002, raising funds for both the artists and LGHS art programs. Community volunteers, including LGHS and Saratoga High School student volunteers, also helped run the event.ย 

Artists featured: Shelly Monfort, Ken Mollenauer, Ken and Ingrid Hanson, Nick Leonoff, and Kevin Chong

Welcome In!: The Magical Glass Pumpkin Patch sets up on the LGHS front lawn for another year of amazement.

Danger: Spikes: These icy glass figures stick out from the crowd.

Sophistication at its Finest: The presentation was there for this seller.

Picky, Picky: These shoppers know what they want, and where they want it.

Frenzy: These shoppers hustle around the grass as if it is Black Friday at Walmart.

Calm, Cool, Collected: These blue pumpkins confidence in the early morning sunlight.

Nesting Pumpkins: These two mismatched pumpkins sit atop a delicate nest of hay in anticipation.

Soaking up the Vitamin D: These three figures bask in the sun, displaying themselves for potential buyers.

Beauty in Bulk: There are more than 50 pumpkins in this image. Can you spot them all?

Any Takers?: These pumpkins hope to get themselves placed in a forever home soon enough.

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