Gruetter Spills the Tea on Brooklyn 99’s Final Season

By Kate Gruetter

Culture Editor

Doug Judy and Jake Peralta (played by Craig Robinson and Andy Samberg) sync up for a best friend back-to-back pose.

A slapstick comedy full of mischievous fun, rowdy detectives, and impossible heists, long lasting television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine finally came to a close with the release of its eighth season on Aug. 12. The last season of the show gave fans a satisfying and appropriate end, while also addressing important events such as the pandemic, police brutality, and racism. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the careers of the detectives in the 99th precinct of the NYPD: manchild Jake Peralta, perfectionist Amy Santiago, gym rat Terry Jeffords, stern Captain Raymond Holt, and formidable Rosa Diaz. The last season addressed issues more important than crimes, including very real and necessary conversations about policing and reform, as well as recognition of the corruption in our justice system. 

The season’s first episode focused specifically on police brutality and what being a “good cop” actually means. Centering on misconduct by policemen, this episode detailed how inefficient the policing system is. It included multiple characters believing in the Blue Lives Matter ideals, portrayals which helped to represent the division and complications of police accountability. It included Jake recognizing the privilege he holds as a police officer and the change that needs to be made.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine also features romance, and in the eighth season it showcases the struggles of a work-life balance, especially after the pandemic. Raymond Holt faces conflict in his marriage as a result of work and he spends the season working with his husband, Kevin, to fix their issues. This struggle is realistic and relatable, and the portrayal of it through a gay couple is inclusive and diverse. 

Audiences also got to see the family life of Jake and Amy, characters who spent the series pining after each other before finally getting married in season five. Season six ended with the delivery of their baby, Mac, and season seven exhibited the ups and downs of parenthood through comedy and lightheartedness. Displaying an infamous lice incident and the search for a babysitter, the eighth season has a mix of both jokes and realism. 

Although the storyline does include the acknowledgement on many serious topics, the final season does not lack in comedy either as the squad participates in the same typical shenanigans. One of these activities is the annual Halloween Heist, a competition between the squad to retrieve a specific and hidden item before midnight, where the member in possession of the object is crowned the ultimate human slash genius. This season, the tournament ends in a melancholy goodbye, with Jake quitting the force to spend more time with his family. 

Boasting 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, the end to this era was satisfying and realistic. Staying true to its established messages and themes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine achieved what many shows cannot, remaining genuine and funny until the end.

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