Dillehay Balances Athletics and Academics

by Georgia Kaufman

Humor Editor

LGHS sophomore Andrew Dillehay is known by the public for his consistent hard work in school, expertise in sports, and his flourishing social life. This high schooler spends his free time playing baseball, hanging out with family, and working out. Dillehay not only pushes himself in every activity, he exceeds the expectations of his peers every time he does so.

Drew is a native Los Gatan, having attended Blossom Hill Elementary, Fisher Middle School, and now LGHS. Therefore, Dillehay has grown up with his fellow students of Los Gatos, getting the chance to see his friends grow throughout the years. He says that he, “think[s] it’s really cool because [he’s] had the same friend group since middle school. It’s been cool to see everyone go their own ways and grow sports wise; [his] group plays a lot of different sports, so it has been cool to see them develop in many different ways.”

With COVID-19 restrictions, it has been tough for student athletes to participate in their sports. Dillehay, however, has been exceedingly successful with baseball. Although he can’t “get out on the field because everything is closed, [he’s] been able to stay in shape by working out on [his] own.” As a catcher for CCB Elite, Dillehay has been given opportunities to travel safely out of state to Texas and North Carolina to compete. He mentioned that, “It has been especially tough for school sports, though. Having the toughest restrictions in basically the whole country makes it extremely difficult to do anything other than practice per [Santa Clara County] guidelines.”

As a stellar athlete and friend to all, one would not be surprised to hear that Drew is also an impeccable student. On the topic of online learning, Drew revealed, “It’s been both bad and good. Weird, though, because I can’t make a very strict schedule for myself besides class, but it has made my time management skills a lot better.”

Dillehay does believe that the restrictions of COVID-19 have made his family bonds much stronger, specifically with his older sister completing her college courses online. “My sister was home for basically an entire year from college, so it felt like it used to feel with our whole family back at the house.”

As a kind, genuine, human being, Drew is truly a blessing to this world and undoubtedly someone worth befriending. Everyone should hope to find themselves surrounded by people like Drew Dillehay.

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