Netflix Show Explores Life’s Ups and Downs

by Cara Davidson

Public Relations Manager

Another Netflix show that continues to wow viewers time and time again, End of The F***ing World is a fan favorite for tv show bingers. The last episode of the show aired on Nov. 4, 2019, and left fans begging for more. This show is a dark comedy-drama that follows two outsider kids coming of age. With a 4.8 out of five star rating, this enticing rollercoaster keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. 

The End of The F***ing World follows two kids who seem to grow up too fast as they come in contact with serious crime and the darker parts of life. The story begins with the backstory of one of the main characters, James. The narrator depicts James as a very troubled kid who finds interest in murdering animals and sticking his hand in air fryers just to feel something. James continues his bloodlust and strives to murder something bigger when he meets Alyssa, our second main character. Riddled with blasphemies, the first lines of the show represent End of The F***ing World well and plunge the viewer headfirst into the show’s atmosphere. 

The story then follows James and Alyssa as they run away in search of Alyssa’s father and simply to get out of town. Beginning with bloodlust and blossoming into love, the time spent between the two kids creates a bond unbreakable even by murder. Although their relationship is quite harsh and raw, viewers romanticize the two kids and the connection they share. The two brash teenagers navigate relationships and truly paint the awkwardness of high school relationships 

The first season closes with a life or death cliffhanger unsolved until much later in season two. A different take is portrayed in The End of The F***ing World because the watcher sides with the murderers and consistently wants the “criminals” to win. However, in the second season, the director presents a new character who is connected to the first murder and is after James and Alyssa. The viewer sees how the murder has affected others and travels into backstories of seemingly background characters.  The End of The F***ing World shows tremendous amounts of character development and follows as the viewer falls in love with violent kids.

Definitely not for kids, The End of The F***ing World touches on murder, aggravated rape and assault, robbery, and other crimes. This show depicts the ups and downs of life and beautifully captures what it means to love. The End of The F***ing World is heartwarming, funny, enticing and a must watch for those bored in quarantine.

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