Louis Tomlinson Streams Online Concert

by Sonali Muthukrishnan

National/World Editor

Veeps, a popular ticketing platform in the music industry, held an online concert by Louis Tomlinson on Dec. 12. Tomlinson’s virtual performance became Veeps’ best selling solo male live stream of the year. Louis Tomlinson Live from London earned over three million dollars for tour personnel and charitable organizations close to Tomlinson’s heart.

When Tomlinson and Veeps announced this event in November, the Veeps website promptly crashed because of the sheer number of fans who attempted to buy tickets. Tomlinson also released new merchandise for his fans on the day of the performance including bucket hats, sweatshirts, tote bags, and more. Due to the worldwide pandemic, Tomlinson postponed the tour for his first solo album Walls until 2021. 

Tomlinson’s setlist consisted of One Direction classics, fan favorites from Walls, new music, and a cover. The pop star started strong with a rock rendition of Just Hold On, a song Tomlinson wrote with American artist Steve Aoki. He followed up with We Made It and Don’t Let It Break Your Heart, songs from the star’s solo album. During the concert, Tomlinson sang Drag Me Down, Through the Dark, and Little Black Dress — songs coming from his time with  One Direction — giving them an edgy vibe. 

Tomlinson’s performance of Two of Us, a single from Walls written about his late mother, brought tears to many audience members’ eyes. At the performance, Tomlinson covered the Kings of Leon anthem, Beautiful War. Notably, Tomlinson also debuted a new song titled Copy of a Copy of a Copy. The song showed off Tomlinson’s gifted voice, telling a bittersweet story. Copy of a Copy of a Copy was an instant hit among Tomlinson’s fans with an apparent rock influence.

Tomlinson closed the night with Kill My Mind, another single from his new album. In recent interviews, Tomlinson remarked that the new music he has been making sounds similar to this anthem. Overall, Tomlinson’s unique vocal ability and perfect song selection wowed his fans. 

The sets and the lightning of the concert space only added to the drama of Tomlinson’s performance. With two different stages, strategic mood lighting, and an entire orchestra, it was clear that lots of hard work went into the live stream. In a sweet tribute to his fans, Tomlinson included videos of his fans singing Kill My Mind in the background while singing the song live, adding a personal touch to the already phenomenal concert. 

Tomlison donated funds from the concert to FareShare, Crew Nation, Stagehand, and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. With his talented vocals and exciting performance, the former One Direction member did not disappoint. 

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