HUMOR: Disliking Cats Proves Fear of Rejection

by Alex Evans

Local News Editor

In my eyes, no valid reason to dislike cats exists. They are honestly the ideal companion. They do not take ages to train like dogs and you really do not have to bathe them or clean up their messes that often. I know that seeing cats as the ultimate being may seem like a controversial opinion, but that is only because dog people take serious offense upon hearing that some people prefer cats over dogs. In my opinion, this is simply because they cannot handle rejection. 

Concluding that cat haters cannot handle rejection may seem like a big jump, but trust me, it is a valid claim. Taking dog people into account, they feel the need to insert themselves into cats’ lives due to the ‘pick me, choose me’ people they are. Cats just do not need that intrusive and overbearing energy in their life. A perfect relation between a cat and a human is symbiotic; however, a dog lover would not know what this means because they are too busy paying attention to their small shih tzu named Charlie with crusty eyes than to take their biology notes. 

Cats are generally more particular about the people whom they let befriend them, so just because they take a while to adjust to you doesn’t mean they hate you. I am sorry that cats don’t hand out validation like dogs do; take your rejection and deal with it until they deem you acceptable. The need for validation makes you look like a whole self pity party right now. Get it together — it is really not that deep. 

Some people back up their hate for cats with an experience of getting scratched or hissed at by a cat. This probably happened because you were overstepping a cat’s boundaries, and aren’t 

able to comprehend why anyone would not want you in their life. This experience should not define how you feel about the rest of the cats you meet, even if the cat was truly mean. And let’s not pretend like I haven’t been bitten by an angsty pomeranian, but you do not see me holding that to EVERY other dog I meet. Also, the number of dog attacks I have faced is significantly more than cat attacks, but I can handle it. 

Cats simply have high standards, so they don’t have the energy to interact with the people who do not respect their divine presence. Sorry to all of the cat haters, but you just assumed that the cat didn’t like you when it was really just warming up to you. If you could handle this (temporary) rejection, maybe you would not have been so quick to hate cats. Just know that you are the one missing out; no cat needs your negativity anyways. 


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