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Get to Know Rising Senior Sofia Anerousis

by Sasha Ryu 


At any given hour, you can find rising senior Sofia Anerousis doing something to brighten another person’s day. Whether it’s cooking dinner for her family, doing a friend’s makeup, or even offering a shoulder to cry on, Anerousis consistently goes out of her way to ensure the people in her life feel loved and appreciated. 

“If there’s a philosophy I live by, I’d say it’s trying to be kind to everyone. I’ve been through a lot of rough times, and I know it would’ve been easier if some people had just been nicer to me. Obviously, it all turned out okay, but now I want to give that support to other people, because I know how much it can mean,” she explained. 

In addition to her strong moral compass, Anerousis is known among her peers for her unwavering work ethic. Although she can find academics challenging due to her ADHD, Anerousis is a stellar student and an active member of the LGHS yearbook. After joining the staff her sophomore year, she was assigned to the Graphics team. According to Anerousis, some of her fondest high school memories are ‘press weeks’ spent designing page layouts with her co-editors. 

“For me, yearbook is a huge creative outlet. It’s definitely my favorite class,” Anerousis commented. 

In general, Anerousis is a naturally creative person. One of her greatest passions is experimenting with creative makeup looks. 

“The process of sitting down and doing your makeup is so peaceful to me. Focusing on something else other than my life, thinking of an idea in my head, and being able to execute it well—that’s the best feeling ever” Anerousis stated.


Ever since sixth grade, she’s spent her weekly allowance on the latest product releases. Currently, she owns 22 eyeshadow palettes, nine tubes of mascara, and 52 different types of brushes. Her immense collection seems to grow more and more every day. While this may seem excessive to some, for Anerousis it’s a form of research. By making these purchases throughout the years, Anerousis has accumulated an impressive library of knowledge surrounding formulas, branding, and the makeup industry as a whole. One day, after she finishes college, she hopes to pursue a career in the beauty world. 

“I don’t think I would own my own company, but I would definitely want to start working somewhere higher up and try to help make changes to the way companies function,” Anerousis explained. “The beauty community could still be a lot more welcoming to people of color, especially in terms of foundation ranges. There will be 20 shades for white people and only five made for darker skin tones.”

Aside from her dreams in the beauty industry, Anerousis also hopes to travel the world as an adult. A proud Greek citizen, she specifically plans to fly out to Greece to see her relatives more often. 

“I’ve gone to Greek school and a Greek orthodox church since kindergarten. For years, I went for five hours every weekend. My dad made me go. Sometimes he would literally drag me out of bed if I tried to pretend to be sick. [Even though it used to feel like a chore], looking back, I’m glad I went.”


At Greek school, Anerousis attended four different periods: one class called “conversation,” one on Greek history, one centered around reading-based vocab, and the last one for traditional Greek dances. After attending the academy for over nine years, she passed two different standardized tests: the Elliomafeia and the Greek Regents. According to Anerousis, if she were ever to have children, she’d also want to teach them the Greek language.

Although Anerousis has several ambitious goals for the future, with her tenacity and radiant personality, she is bound to go far. 


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